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5 Signs It’s Time To Invest In A New Handbag

By on Last modified: November 30, 2015

Women are constantly on the lookout for their next favourite bag. However, sometimes in this pursuit, they allow fashion to trump functionally. The wide array of amazing leather women bags available out there makes it hard to resist, believe me, I know!

For most women, there are seasons, trending styles and colours to consider. But not all of them think about the fact how a certain handbag will fit in their lifestyle, beyond the dinner parties and happy hours they envision themselves toting it to. Simply said, stark-white satchels and zipper-less totes do not seem essential for real life. So, if you have been thinking some time now whether it is high time to invest in a new handbag, take a look at the 5 signs to assure yourself.


Your bag hurts your back

If you are a kind of a woman who carries too much stuff in her purse on daily basis such as notebooks, a phone charger, digital camera, umbrella, etc., chances are your back will suffer the consequences. The solution? Get an every day clutch. Carrying a smaller bag around will force you to carry only what is most important. Oftentimes they are less expensive so you can buy few different designs according to your wardrobe. Use a shoulder bag only when really necessary.

Your work bag is not work-friendly

If you have picked up a white, patent over-sized briefcase style bag hoping it would be appropriate for several occasions, you’re wrong! Patent leathers tend to be so stiff that their straps can merely bend. This means that it can be too uncomfortable to wear it across your shoulders and too big to carry in your hand. Solution? Fashion backpacks! Aside from being polished enough for work they also enable you to carry your so much needed morning coffee in your hands. Yay!

Your tote does not have a zipper closure

Tote bags are the perfect option for women who like to plan everything: last-minute dinner plans, random chocolate cravings, work-induced headaches, etc. And all of this usually comes on top of the wallet, cell phone, water bottle and few pieces of makeup. But when a tote features no zippers, then this can be a problem. You certainly do not want all your items peeking from the inside, do you? This small detail makes great difference for women who live in big cities and take the public transportation. They often have to squeeze their way into a packed train and someone can easily get their hands into an open tote to grab some of their precious belongings. The solution? Zipper closures. Give preference to leather women bags that allow you to have everything zipped up and ready to go.

There are not enough compartments for all your items

When you change two bags for a one big tote bag, you tend to face the never-ending problem of rummaging through your bag. You have to go through your bag for your cell-phone and lip-liner, which seem to always be on the bottom. The solution? Choose a bag that comes with interior compartments so that you can organize all of your belongings.


You got yourself a beautiful, trendy designer bag you cannot take your eyes off but the thing is, it is totally unpractical for a working woman like you. You tried everything possible to somehow make it suitable to go to work with, even went to great lengths and carried your laptop and breakfast in separate canvas bags. So you ended carrying 3 different bags when you have bigger work-related problems to think of in the first place. No-no. It is time to simplify your life. Leave it in the closet for nights out and delve into the searching for a new, more functional bag. Good luck girl.