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The Benefit of Multifunctional Gym Machines

By on Last modified: June 5, 2018

There are so many different exercise machines that are specifically built to engage certain muscles in your body that anyone that goes into any well-equipped gym can find the perfect gear for whatever part of his body he is working on that day. This means that a lot of gyms have to come standard with machines that are specifically focused on strengthening your chest, legs, back and so on, and not to mention the treadmills, the static bikes, the rowing machines and other cardio focused gear. However, that is not strictly true, seeing as there are also machines that can be used for a variety of different exercises, but are they actually better than their more focused counterparts?

smith machine

The obvious biggest advantage to getting something like a gym Smith machine is that no matter how much you get it for it will be considered a steal in comparison to the amount you would have spent on getting more than one specialized exercise machine. While you may think that would be the only natural since you are essentially just getting one machine with a few extra applications, that is far from the truth. Not only is it much more versatile than any standard equipment, it is also of a similar or in some cases of an even higher quality than a lot of commonly found machines.

The other advantage of the gym Smith machine would have to be the space it can save you, space that you can use for other items like benches or weights. The counterpoint that people usually bring up is that these machines usually take up more space than the regular ones anyway, and while it is true that they can be quite large, they don’t actually take up as much space as people assume. The misconception comes from them looking much larger because of all of the different components that they have, but in truth, three separate exercise machines placed next to one another are much better at making sure that there is no extra room to breathe, let alone exercise.


The bottom line is this, if you have enough space to spare and enough finances to afford the many different types of workout machines that people now expect every decent gym to have, then a multi-purpose piece of equipment isn’t all that necessary. However, if you are working with limited space and finances and still want to give your customers the best possible gear available, then there really is no choice here.