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Best Time of the Year to Buy Furniture

By on Last modified: January 25, 2016
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Are you in the market for some furniture? Tired of the deteriorating sofa and leftover bar stools turned into side tables? If so, cheap new furniture is not what you need. Trust me, at the end you will be disappointed by its lack of quality and durability. Why not buy high quality pieces this time? If money is the issue, no one said you have to go broke. Trust me, there is a way to furnish your home on a budget.

Timing is everything! Buying furniture pieces while there are furniture shop discounts and sales will surely reduce the stress of finding a bargain deal. Being a savvy shopper can help you get good value for your money. Finding best furniture deals is not about what you buy but where and when.

Where to buy

Forget IKEA! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against IKEA, but the fact that low price equals low quality is a real turn off. And don’t you want a little variety? Search the Internet as there is a great number of reputable furniture shops that offer great quality pieces. Yes, checking out furniture pieces in person will minimize the risk of buying a stiff sofa, but the Internet offers amazing sources, budget-friendly and stylish furniture pieces at your fingertips. And if you take the time to research every available online furniture shop, it will help you protect your investment and enjoy it for years.

A reputable furniture shop provides details about their company (history, satisfaction guarantees, customer service details, etc.); allows customers to post reviews, has clear shipping and return policy and offers a good selection. Make sure you do a thorough research beforehand.

When to buy

Okay, now that we have ‘where’ out of the way, let’s focus on ‘when’. The best time to shop for furniture is usually before new products are released and at the end of a season. Usually furniture manufacturers release new styles twice a year (February and August/September), which means that older models are offered at discounted prices. Hence, the best months to browse the inventory of every online furniture shop Australia wide are January and August.

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January is a slow month for furniture retailers, mostly due to post-Christmas sales. Also, since new styles are released in February, retailers want to clear their inventory out and make way for new furniture. Some furniture stores will even cut prices by 50%. Imagine, the same quality and even similar features at a fraction of the price of the newest models. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Holidays are also a great time for buying furniture and making yourself happy. Just go for it.