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Buying Replica Furniture: an Affordable Way to Own Your Favourite Designs

By on Last modified: September 13, 2018

Furnishing a new home can be a source of joy and fear at the same time. The idea that you get to create your own place from scratch is certainly empowering. On the other hand, furniture is not exactly cheap, especially if you have a taste for designer pieces which are so expensive it will make your head spin. Let’s face it, the vast majority of us do not have the wallets to afford expensive designer furniture. But then again, why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy the finer things in life without worrying you’ll end up in debt?

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Enter the world of replica furniture. Shh, don’t say that word out loud, it’s bad. Or is it? Certainly, you’re no stranger to replicas – we’re all guilty of buying a fake designer bag or two. But what about furniture? Are we allowed to buy reproductions of vintage and famous designer pieces? It seems we totally are, and no-one has a problem with it (neither the designers nor the authorities), as long as the product is clearly advertised as a replica. So, you can now happily proceed to scan the vast offer on replica furniture online without any feelings of guilt.

But what about quality? Can replica furniture measure up to the original designs when it comes to functionality and longevity? Well, it depends on the particular replica. Some replicas are cheap imitations while others can be exceptional reproductions which in some cases even exceed the quality of originals. So, how can you distinguish a good replica from a bad one? First of all, check the materials. Bad reproductions usually use cheap materials of questionable quality. Always look for raw, natural materials such as oak, walnut or maple, which promise longevity.

Another characteristic of quality replicas is that they are made of as few pieces as possible. In general, the more elements a furniture piece is made of, the less comfortable it feels and the bigger the chance for something to break. Additionally, when buying furniture (replica or not) always remember to check the hardware that holds the pieces in place. You don’t want to fall out of a bad chair, do you? In that case, make sure that any bolts and screws are metal and not plastic.

You might think “Why should I even bother when buying an original is a sure investment?”, but it’s not always that way. When it comes to vintage designer pieces and antiques, sometimes purchasing replicas is a much safer bet. Since vintage and antique furniture was built ages ago, it makes it a lot more fragile to wear and tear, unless you only plan to look at it and not use it. But the fact that replicas are new, it means they can have decades of life. Plus, today manufactures use modern techniques and incorporate blends of materials which makes furniture more resistant to heat or humidity.

And finally, replicas are much easier to shop for considering they are more readily available than original pieces. While it may take you years to find that antique chair you’ve always dreamed of, you can find any design of replica furniture online in a few minutes. So, what are you waiting for?