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Creative Ways to Use Contemporary Side Tables Around the House

By on Last modified: March 11, 2019

At first glance, side tables may seem not particularly useful, but you’d be fooled. Many people think that they come at a quite high price considering their small size and the fact that they’re not used as often, but you’d be surprised by all the ways contemporary side tables can make your living area much more pleasant to be in. These tables have many uses, both aesthetic and functional. Let’s take a look at some of the creative ways you can use side tables around the house.

 contemporary side tables

Turn the side table into a bookshelf

Sinking into the layers of comfort in your bed while reading a good book is a great way to unwind. If you are a book lover and want to have a lot of choices on hand once you get into bed, having a side table next to you is a great idea. You can use this small furniture piece as your personal bookshelf where you can keep all the books you want to read next.

A side table in a bathroom?

Initially, the main purpose of side tables was to hide the unsightly things in a bathroom and usually, the design included a drawer. However, a lot has changed throughout the years, and today, placing a side table in your bathroom is a cool thing to do. With all the contemporary side tables designs available on the market, today you can complete your bathroom with the perfect unit that can be both, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only it can add style to this part of your home, but it will also provide your bathroom with a great place to store and keep your toiletries, guest towels, and flannels organized.

contemporary side table

Transform a side table into a home bar

By using only your side table you can create a temporary or a permanent home bar where you can keep all your drinks, glasses, spirits, mixers and other accessories. You can place it either in your dining or living room and be ready to make some cocktails any time of the day. If you need something bigger and one of your side tables cannot accommodate all of your drinks and accessories, consider placing more identical side tables, just make sure the tops fit perfectly well together. Another idea is to use a console table as they are usually higher and longer.

Side table as an office storage

Placing a side table under your office desk can really help you keep your working area organized and clutter-free. Especially if you choose a side table with drawers or shelves. A narrow side table will perfectly fit under your desk – just make sure you double check the measurements. Also, consider the style as the side table you choose should complement your desk. For example, a traditional side table will best suit a traditional desk and a contemporary side table will go best with a modern desk with clean lines and minimal design.