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Eclectic Style in the Office: Here’s How to Pull It Off

By on Last modified: August 23, 2016

Does visual monotony make you rather itchy? Are you able to grasp the meaning of the phrase nothing fits but everything goes? In that case, I am sure that you are constantly exhausting your sources of awe and excitement and you are constantly looking for new ways to extract eccentricity. Perhaps, you are an artist, or simply, an admirer of all that’s a mixture of new and old in the world of décor. However, when the new-old mixture can no longer suffice, perhaps you’ll turn a keen eye to the eclectic style.

Office furniture

Since the office is the place where most of the sugar spice and everything nice of our busy brains must occur, we might as well give ourselves the permission to ease the process by creating the right atmosphere. There’s no other style that gives more freedom that eclectic, however, there are certain guidelines you need to be familiar with before you replace your office furniture as to achieve this adorably mismatched vibe.

In many ways, this style resembles preparing a flavorful Asian dish – a celebration to the senses. Just like an Asian woman would go to the nearest bazaar and instinctively choose her spices, you are free to choose office furniture up to 3 different styles. You must choose a dominant colour, however, you must express it little by little, partially through one piece of furniture, minimally by another and boldly through the décor. You’ll also need several shades of one same pastel colour. Make sure that one of the pieces of furniture that bring these shades to life offers absolute comfort, for instance – the sofa.

Lines play a very important role in tying all the different pieces together. The colors may be at war with each other, but the lines must aim for the same texture. Most often than not, people who opt for this style have a thing for exotic African art, greatly engineered chairs and Parisian atelier vibe (think Frasier Crane and you’ll have eclectic up your sleeve in a jiffy).

Even though there isn’t a big no no in the eclectic world, the walls are a different story. White, pale blue, smokey gray and chamois are the only colours that can allow the level of freedom required for inconsistency, so you better stick to them unless you want your office to look like a garage sale.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel more comfortable to pursue such layout for your home office. This way, the office can turn into your true go-to place when it comes to becoming a complete creative mess.