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Essential Decorating Tips For an Irresistible Kid’s Room

By on Last modified: March 3, 2017

kids roomWhen it’s time to transfer your little one from a nursery to a big boys’ or girls’ room, you need to consider a lot of things, but most of all, it’s important that you stay true to your child’s character. While it takes a lot of design elements to make a room both beautiful and functional, there’s often that one particular thing that always does the job and gives something extra to the overall look.

Usually that one thing is a nicely designed carpet, a fun and colorful chandelier or an outstanding toy box that’s not only functional but stylish as well. This means that the beauty is definitely in the details, but first you need to consider all the other things that help those details stand out. Done right, the room can have a positive effect on a child’s personality and create a fun and memorable childhood. So in order to help all of you confused parents, we’re presenting a list of pro tips that can assist you in creating the kid’s room of dreams.

Pick a Color

Building a color pattern for the room is really important and since we’re talking about a child’s room you can experiment a lot. You can create a fun feeling in your kid’s room incorporating a lot of colors, but don’t make it confusing. If you go with green for example, you can add white and brown and create a “nature feeling” in the room. Make sure the colors you choose make a beautiful statement when mixed together.

Window Treatment

Kid’s rooms should have big windows, but make sure they are child-friendly because children can be really curious about things and it’s very probable that they try to open them. It’s best that the windows treatment in these rooms consists of either curtains or roman blinds. They both can be personalized and both are child-friendly solutions. You can choose long or short curtains with fun designs that are sure to add a special touch to the overall room’s look or you can opt for soft roman blinds for a super functional and creative solution.

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Activity Corner

Every child’s room should have an activity corner. Depending on your kid’s interests, you should add a library, a toys corner, a table for drawing or a place where your kid will get their hands dirty with sand or play doh. Normally this corner is every kid’s most favorite part of the room, so make it appealing, creative and comfortable. Make sure this part of the room gets enough daylight because natural light is really important for kids.kid room


Be smart and choose a big, standard-colored bed that can later be used in your child’s teen years as well. The only difference can be the sheets. Also, make sure you buy a big enough wardrobe with lots of drawers where you will not only place your child’s clothes, but use it as a toy storage as well because let’s be honest, kids these days have too much of those! Try sticking to a wardrobe with one simple color that can also be used in your child’s later years and opt for a material that won’t get damaged if it needs to be re-painted in the future.