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Fascinating Fashion Trends: Hat’s On To You Too

By on Last modified: January 25, 2017

Everyone wore them, from Frank Sinatra to Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Depp and most recently, Pharrell Williams. Hats are that fashion accessory that catches everyone’s attention because in one way or another, all of us seem to have a weak spot for remarkable millinery. This fascination dates back to many centuries ago, when humanity was enjoying its blossoming years and people were still taken aback by “supernatural phenomenons” that today can easily be explained scientifically. When looking back in time, it quickly becomes apparent that hats, even in the 18th century, were both a frivolous accessory and a necessity. From the beginnings of the century, people were looking for something that will provide protection from the sun during summer and the cold weather in winter.

The first official milliners started making hats for the military and the naval officers and for the people from the higher classes. In the 18th century, fabricated hats were considered a fashion accessory that only the rich could afford, which means they were a bit expensive. However, many middle class households made their own “shepherdess” hats that were normally worn by girls and women but that later became popular in the fabricating business as well.


Although men started using hats out of necessity, as time went by, they became yet another inseparable fashion accessory for the gentlemen of all generations. If you look at old paintings or read Jane Austin’s novels, you’ll notice how important hats were in the late 18th and the 19th century among people of all classes and ages, especially among women. The most amazing thing about them is that today we’re witnessing so many drastic changes in the fashion industry, however we’ve seen that hats stayed in the game for way too long and that’s a sign that both the people and the industry still love them.

With the revolutionary fashion changes that the late 20th century became famous for, humanity thought of new, creative ideas for hats like the brim hats for example. Everyone loved them, from the glamorous ladies who drank martini to the shiny happy hippies that traveled the world on four wheels and just a few pieces of clothing on.


And now’s the right time for my confession session… I personally am obsessed with hats! Every time I feel the urge to buy something new for myself, I find a proper store and shop wide brim hats in Australia or internationally based stores. I talk about wide brim hats because they’re my favorite and because they give me the much needed freedom to match styles for different occasions. I own more than a dozen brim hats, but it seems like my urge to shop wide brim hats in Australia big malls on sunny, hot days like these isn’t going to cease. These chic hats were my personal fashion discovery that revolutionized my clothing style back in the day when I started buying my own clothes because hats are everything but boring. They are eccentric, colorful, trendy, stylish and simply they are the “must have item” for gals and studs who like to look fashionable and cool.