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Few Tips on How to Buy Dogs Leads

By on Last modified: October 22, 2015

Good, quality dogs leads are probably the most important thing you can ever buy for your dog. Those long walks in the park or by the river can be far more comfortable and pleasant for both of you if you have a good lead to keep your dog close. There are different types of dogs leads that serve different purposes. They can be very helpful for casual walking and some working activities, like hunting and tracking. The ones used for professional purposes have a story of their own, but in this article we are going to talk about how to get dogs leads for your buddy at home.

Dog Leads

Choose the Material

There are different dog leads on the market and you can choose anything from nylon, leather, chains and other materials. Have in mind that nylon leads are strong and light weight, therefore very convenient for large dogs that tend to pull a lot. They are resistant to weather changes and are quite cheap, so they can be a good choice if you want to replace the lead more often. Another option is a leather lead, but have in mind that these ask for a lot of care. And finally, take into consideration whether your dog chews the leash; if it does, you certainly would not want to get something expensive, but rather stay in the low price range so that you can replace it when necessary.

Length and Width

These depend heavily on what is it that you want to achieve with the lead. Many people buy dogs leads in the wrong length and are often confused why it is so hard to achieve their goal. So, if you want to train your dog and keep it under tight control, get a lead of not more than 30 centimeters long. And if your dog is already trained and knows its limits, you can get something longer that allows for more freedom. However, a longer lead may cause your dog to forget it is walking with you and to quickly forget everything you taught it by now. Be prepared to be tough at these moments.

Consider the Dog’s Measurements

Here’s the general rule: the taller the dog, the shorter the lead. A taller dog needs to be kept under control more often, and that is almost impossible to do if it is on the other end of the lead. And if it is one of those teeny-tiny cuties you would still need a long lead so you can reach it easier first and then do the rest.

Other Considerations

If your dog is well-behaved, but still gets excited when another dog comes in the way, especially a bigger one, than you should be able to keep it tamed. This means that you would need a longer lead so that you can control it and keep it from going crazy of excitement when meeting new people or dogs.