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Get A New Bag, Lose Two Kilos

By on Last modified: January 13, 2016

Tell me one thing honestly, what is the one item that women simply cannot leave the house without? Yes, you got it, the handbag, undoubtedly. And not just any bag, but the bag that complements their outfit in a way that it brings it to a whole new level of greatness. Handbags ladies are a must have accessory for every contemporary woman. I know that you probably have dozens of them in your closet and you still cannot stay indifferent to these adorable loveys when you see them in the store, but it is time to stop buying handbags just because they look cute, and start thinking whether you really need that bag before you spend a small fortune on it. Because let’s be straight, we both know that you have an expensive taste.

So a few days ago I decided that I want to treat myself with a new bag. And since they come in so many forms and sizes, from small and lightweight, to extremely large and heavy, I couldn’t help but wonder, why do we really drag all those things in our bag and do we really need them? Ladies, it is time to give your shoulders a break and pick a bag that will not be overwhelmingly heavy to carry around and will contain nothing more than your most necessary items you need to take with you. Yes, it is time to liberate yourself and just get rid of the unnecessary clutter you have carried with you all along. Why you ask?


Well, have you ever caught yourself desperately looking for that business card you got from that handsome man in the restaurant while you were having drinks with your colleagues and could not seem to find it anywhere? You thought it weren’t meant to be, didn’t you? Well, you were so wrong. And what about that cute lipstick you loved so very much but it disappeared without a trace? Or that super expensive pencil you got as a birthday present from your sister? Well, to save you the trouble of looking for them once again, they are all stuck in the black whole of your giant handbag. Yes, in that tiny hole that somehow got accidentally ripped off and has swollen many of your dearest valuables. But you wouldn’t know it and notice it of course, your bag is huge, so how would you? Time to spare yourself unnecessary headaches and buy handbags ladies that will only make your life simpler and easier. And the best part – will help you lose weight.

While I was drinking coffee with a close friend of mine enjoying the sun in an outdoor coffee shop the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the handbags ladies in Australia wear are of smaller size. This was yet another proof that size matters, and in this case, the smaller the better. And I think women have a pretty good reason for carrying smaller handbags ladies. After all, we do carry things with us that we do not even need most of the time. And for those of you who are not familiar with the benefits of carrying a smaller handbag, you can thank me later.

  • A small size bag with just few contents will not physically weight you down;
  • Carrying less means less to lose by theft or in case you accidentally forget your bag somewhere;
  • You do not need half an hour to find your car keys;
  • You can easily reach your cell phone and if it’s ringing, you can easily turn it off or answer the call with less distraction.
  • You will feel lighter when not responsible for carrying around all those bunch of things you think you may need eventually.
  • According to experts, backpacks should not exceed 10% of a person’s body weight. Handbags which are carried on a single shoulder, should not exceed 5%. Wearing heavy handbags ladies in Australia are more likely to experience headaches, muscle pain and on the long run, arthritis.

Handbag designers have gone beyond the imaginable and have managed to design small bags for different occasions. Thus, today there are bags for outdoor festivals, weekend brunches, nights out, bags for running errands around town and many more. According to some designers, the size of the bag a woman carries reflects her state of mind. For example, a big bag means everything is gone in, just because you are in a hurry and you can sort the things latter. On the other hand, a small bag reflects a woman that is organized. Today, cross body bags are the fastest growing segment of the handbag industry. Women are in love with this type due to the fact that these bags leave your hands free for anything that you might need to do while being out. So, dear ladies, stop carrying around that bulk with you all the time, you do not need all those stuff, you are already beautiful.