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Grin from Ear to Ear: Dental Implants Can Make all Discomfort Disappear

By on Last modified: August 30, 2016

Despite all the advances in dental care, there are millions of Australians today that suffer from tooth loss. This is mostly due to dental decay, gum disease, injury, and lets face it, you haven’t been flossing as much as you should. And for many years, the only solution available for people with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. However, as dental science kept searching for more suitable solutions, we recently witnessed the dawn of dental implants.


Dental implants are one of the major advances in dentistry over the last decade. As you can probably guess, dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth that are made to perfectly match your natural teeth. The implants are made from titanium which acts as a root and is surgically placed into the jawbone which later integrates with the titanium, forming a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Luckily, today,you can easily get an affordable dental implant to replace your missing tooth.

There are many benefits that come with dental implants, including functional, aesthetic and health related.

The most obvious benefit is the improved appearance. Not only that dental implants look like your own teeth, but the feel that way too thanks to the custom size, shape and colour.

Improved speech is another important benefit. Poorly fitted dentures may cause you to mumble or slur your words due to slipping withing the mouth. This is not the case with dental implants allow you to speak fluently without worrying that the teeth might slip.

Dental implants are to become a part of you as much as your own teeth and this eliminates the discomfort you would normally have with removable dentures.
Eating is much easier with dental implants. The constant sliding of dentures can make chewing a challenging task. Dental implants, however, function in exactly the same way as your natural teeth, allowing you to confidently chew your favourite foods and without any pain whatsoever.


The fact that dental implants match the look of your own teeth, will give you back your smile and make you feel good about yourself and even improve your social life since you will interact with other people with more confidence.

Dental implants do not require any altering of neighboring teeth, as bridges do for support. This means your own teeth will be left intact, improving your dental health in the long run and your oral hygiene since they allow easy access between the teeth.

And finally, dental implants are much more convenient than removable dentures. They don’t require messy adhesives to keep them in place and eliminate the inconvenience of removing them.

Because of the high-tech nature of the implants, they are still a bit expensive, but you can definitely find affordable dental implants Australia wide, and when you consider all the benefits, it really is a small price to pay for a healthy mouth.