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Cold Days are Coming: Here’s How to Deal with Irritating Cough

By on Last modified: February 13, 2019

Ever had a sleepless night because of a bad cough? It’s quite annoying, you have to agree, more so when you’re not the one with the problem, and spend the night awake because a loved one is coughing uncontrollably.

Whether caused by a cold or the flu, a cough basically is the body’s natural reflex trying to clear the airway, but it can differ. For instance, if it’s the case of mucus build-up in the lungs, then it’s a chesty cough, whereas dry cough is caused by sore throat and irritation in the airways.

To be able to recover faster, get your immune system back in order, and get quality sleep it’s advisable to seek the help of cough medicines Australia round pharmacies supply. From relief syrups, propolis extracts and tablets to nasal sprays, you have plenty to choose from to fight the irritating cough.

Cough Medicines Australia

If you can’t exactly make a distinction between the two types of cough, and can’t tell if you’re having the chest or dry one, you could still purchase cough medicines Australia chemists provide since it’s a natural reflex after all, so a unicough solution that soothes the airways and the throat is recommended.

Even a little cough can be exhausting for the person and everyone affected by sleepless nights, so to be able to speed up the recovery process, it’s important to do whatever you can to treat the cough along with the medicines.

It’s recommended to get as much rest as you can, to boost the immune system and fight off any virus, not forgetting to stay hydrated with tea and warm drinks like the mixture of warm water with lemon and honey.

Another essential and helpful method is gargling with warm salty water to keep the bacteria at bay but using steamy showers, doing steam inhalation and counting on the efficient humidifiers is just as necessary to soothe the cough.

Just remember to keep the humidifier clean so as not to turn it into bacteria breeding item knowing they thrive in moist conditions. Additionally, menthol is an extra aud in decreasing the cough reflex by numbing the back of the throat so they’re highly welcome too, and besides they make for a sweet treat.

Soon, we’re going to be saying bye to the hot sunny summer and greeting the chilly autumn days that bring the coughs, and the cold and flu, so it’s best to be prepared and protected well ahead, getting as much vitamin C as you can.