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Ideas for Outdoor Settings That Go the Extra Mile – Style & Functionality Wise

By on Last modified: May 17, 2016
Outdoor settings

There are so many great outdoor setting that come in a huge range of different styles and themes. It can get a bit tricky trying to find the perfect outdoor setting for your space. There are so many things to consider like the size of your yard, the material of the setting itself, the weather in your area, and so much more. Luckily finding inspiration on the internet is easy and in this article, we will be covering a few of the most popular outdoor setting trends that have really taken off in 2016. If your not sure where to find outdoor settings for sale you can also easily find a huge variety to choose from on the internet. There are some really great ideas out there so if you want to find some inspiration for your yard keep reading below.

Monochrome Colour Scheme

If you want your space to look fresh and clean then you should stick to a light and easy monochrome colour scheme. This kind of colour scheme really pulls the whole look of your yard or patio together while not looking like you tried too hard. You want to make sure you have all the essential pieces like the table, stools, and an umbrella. Sticking to something like white and grey will work anywhere.

Get Cozy

Urban spaces are usually a little more compact and sometimes don’t offer you much privacy. You should put up a wooden fence if you don’t have one and plan to use it as your backdrop for more privacy. You can do this by setting up your grill right next to the fence and putting a good set of table and chairs close by. You can also utilize the fence in so you can hand up cooking utensils or a spice rack.

Tropical Theme

If you are someone who loves the way summer looks then this is the way to go. Using tropical colours and colourful accents really add a touch of fun to your yard or patio. Try sticking to some neutral coloured main pieces and spicing things up with some vibrant coloured cushions and throws. Think colours like fuchsia, tangerine really let your imagination run wild. Also, don’t be afraid to play with some modern prints or tropical themed prints. Just try to remember that less is more if you just want a small amount of colour.

Outdoor Living Room

This is great if you have a porch or a veranda and can become a summer living room for when the weather is nice outside. If you have a space large enough putting an outdoor sofa can a coffee table can really be a nice place to lounge around. If you don’t have a covered space then you should stick to materials that dry quickly if they get wet. A standard sofa can take a long time to dry if it gets rained on so try to avoid materials that are hard to dry.

Country Dining

Why stop with living room furniture? Why not move your dining area to the outdoors too? This is a really country inspired way to dine and spend time outdoors. Try picking an outdoor dining set that looks country. Wide tables and chairs that are white look really great when put on your lawn. You can easily find outdoor settings for sale online where you can easily browse and buy a huge variety all from the comfort of your own home.