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Want to Improve Your Home’s Appearance and Security? Buy Double Screen Doors

By on Last modified: October 25, 2017

My home is my castle, your home is your castle, everyone’s home is their castle. So, what makes castle a castle? It certainly has to do with the entrance. Just think about it: What’s the thing that fascinates us about stories of castles so much? Apart from their appearance, it’s the fact how they were meant to be impenetrable to unwanted visitors, which was made possible with lifting bridges.

In today’s modern world, the closest we can get to castles with lifting bridges are homes with double screen doors. Given the fact doors are the first line of defence, having a well secured door means you get the perfect intruder repellent, both physically and psychologically, making your home appear difficult to break into.

The double screen doors give you the option to choose from either hinged or sliding, both sturdy enough, made of quality materials, to stand the test of time. They’re both based on the concept of active, and non-active door, the active one being the one containing the lock, whereas the non-active the one with flush bolts or H channel receiver. You can further increase security by installing additional locks. Based on the quality materials they’re made of (the metals), they can even increase your security in terms of fire.

The great thing about these doors is they are created to be easy to install, which means all you have to do is take a look at the manufacturer’s manual, and you got yourself a successful DIY project. You can have your peace of mind knowing added home security also means added home value, something that would come in handy in case you ever come to selling your property. This is what makes screen doors such a desired investment.

Since there are different styles, you can count on enhancing your home’s curb appeal too. This refers to the vast variety of colours, as much as it does to the option of grilled or no grilled. Then there’s also the fact they can be customised to your requirements, be that in size, or a feature like pet door.

Opting for the mesh screen door variant, you also get protected from those annoying insects and pests, which can be a real nightmare particularly in the summer days when all you want is having doors open, getting some fresh air. This would even help you in cutting down on the cooling costs, and prove to be a much better way to improve your home’s ventilation, thus help you with keeping allergens away.