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Best Indoor Plants to Make Your Home More Inviting and Improve Air Quality

By on Last modified: September 20, 2018

indoor plants for homeNowadays, it is very rare to come across an interior decor that doesn’t include plants. And that’s for some very good reasons – indoor plants have many aesthetic and health benefits, which makes them the win-win choice for any design scheme. They add more colour, versatility and breathe life into a room, so how could you not love the sight of them?

However, with the so many options and types of indoor plants, how do you know which are the right ones to get for your oasis? Different types require different conditions, so getting informed about this before buying is always a good idea. Let’s take a look at my favorite indoor plants for home that are easy to take care of, look amazing, and will also purify the air in your home. Let’s get started, shall we?

Peace Lilies

This is one of the best easy-to-care-for medium-sized indoor plants for home, which is best known for its fresh lily flower and beautiful leaves. Due to its ability to reduce the levels of toxins, it is ideal for purifying the air. Peace lilies do well in shade and cooler temperatures and they also tolerate low humidity, making them great for dry areas or apartments that get less natural lighting.

indoor plants for home 2

Sneak Plan

This is also a good plant for purifying the air. Having a clean structure, it goes really well with a minimalist vibe. Sneak plants don’t need much light or water to survive, which makes them great for beginners. They basically grow anywhere and are a good choice for any corner of your home. Because these plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the night, you could put one in your bedroom for an oxygen boost while you sleep.

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Ficus Lyrata – Bambino

This plant is known for its large, glossy violin-shaped leaves. It is an interior design favorite and you can find it literally all over interior design blogs. The fiddle leaf fig loves bright and indirect sunlight and it usually needs to be watered twice a week, depending on the season. It is also important to wipe any dust off of its leaves, which you can easily do with a microfiber cloth. Do this once a week so that the leaves can absorb sunlight better. Fiddle leaf figs also love humidity, so if you live in a dry area, take time to mist the leaves every morning. The leaves of the plants will grow towards the light, so to make sure the plant grows evenly, rotate it whenever you notice it’s leaning in one direction.

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Monstera Deliciosa

Also known as window leaf or swiss cheese plant, the monstera deliciosa is known for its unique leaves that have beautiful cutouts and splits. It can grow to make a great decor statement in your home. Similar to the fiddle leaf fig, the monstera deliciosa also likes indirect sunlight and you will also need to mist and wipe the dust off the leaves occasionally.

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