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Leather Gloves – The Garment That Elegantly Updates Your Outfit

By on Last modified: April 18, 2017

“If I were a woman, I would be dressed in the same thing for a month and just change my hat and gloves. Maybe my shoes too; yes, I see what you mean but, really, it’s jewels that change an outfit.” And when we realize the person behind this quote is Manolo Blahnik (the famous founder and designer of the eponymous high-end shoe brand), we can officially start reconsidering everything we know about fashion.


Piling up on clothes won’t solve your fashion problem, what’s more, it can only make it worse. The problem with us women is that when we don’t feel creative with the clothes we own, we run to the mall, buy a new dress and we’re ready to go out. However, I honestly believe beauty is in the details and they are the only pieces that can make our outfits glow.

So beside jewelry and impeccable shoes, leather gloves are the piece that every woman should keep in her wardrobe. Besides, all powerful women wore them, from Cleopatra to queens and princesses in the middle ages up to today’s actresses, politicians and fashion designers. Gloves have always represented a fashion accessory that in the past, was available only for the upper classes.

Rich women wore gloves in order to protect their fragile hands and to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Yes, there’s no doubt these garments have always been an example of elegance and femininity and it started long before we could all get a pair of leather gloves online.

And even though in the past only royalties were allowed to wear them, today we can all feel like queens and princesses while protecting our hands. To satisfy our busy day needs, many stores sell leather gloves online where you can choose the style, the color and the size. Normally these online stores explain to you how to measure your hands in order to find the gloves that will perfectly match them.

Plus, here in Australia, we’re in the perfect time of the year for wearing gloves! All of us crazy fashionistas can conquer the streets this long-awaited Easter weekend with a pair of sleek leather gloves, an appealing red lipstick and a long scarf for some extra spice. So before the weekend comes, pile up on accessories and positive energy and let yourself shine during every lunch and dinner for the holidays. You’ll realize that with a little bit of creativity and a mixture of jewels, leather gloves and other nice garments, your outfit will get the updated look you desire.