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New to BMX? Here’s What You Need to Know as a First Time Buyer

By on Last modified: May 7, 2018

bmx race bike parts
Trying to find the BMX bike that is just right for you can be a bit tricky with all the options available on the market today. Most people who buy a BMX for the first time, usually go for the complete version, while other people like to customize and build their bikes from scratch. For beginners, the best option is to get a complete version and as you learn more about how the bikes function you can move on to building your own.

What Kind Of BMX Riding Will You Be Doing?

Before you buy a BMX bike you need to know what type of riding styles there are. Here’s a short run through all the categories.

  • Dirt riding: Dirt bikes usually have a deeper thread compared to park or street bikes in order to give them some extra grip on the dirt. Other than that, their design is similar to that of park and street bikes.
  • Park/Vert riding: This bike is best suited for skate parks and ramps, they are usually lighter than street or dirt bikes and have a thinner thread.
  • Street riding: These types of bikes have a classic design. They are slightly heavier than freestyle bikes and are build for more durability.
  • BMX Racing: They usually have bmx race bike parts that are larger than the regular ones: larger sprockets, higher gear ratio for easier speed generation and wider frame for durability.
  • Flatland riding: These models are built around balance and control, designed for slow speed tricks on smooth pavement.

Picking Your First Complete BMX Bike

Okay. So you’re just getting into the sport for the first time, you know what type of riding you want to do, but you are not quite sure how to build your own custom bike. Not to worry, there is a whole range of bikes which are divided into different categories according to skill:

  • Youth: They are the smallest version available, with smaller frames and smaller wheels. These bikes are designed for the younger generations.
  • Entry level: If you are just starting out, then this might be the bike for you. This model has 50cm wheel size and can be the perfect bike to start learning BMX tricks.
  • Mid level: These bikes accomodate everything you might need, they are stronger and lighter than entry level bikes and are the closest to a pro bike that you can find.
  • Pro bikes: As the name suggests, these are the best bikes available, there are many ways in which they can be customized using different bmx race bike parts and are the most durable ones on this list.

Specifics To Look For When Buying A First Complete BMX Bike

An important note to consider before making your decision is how often you plan on using your bike. If you plan to take it out for a ride only durring the weekends, then an entry level bike will do just fine. If however, you plan on hiting the pavement every day, then a more upmarket model will be a must. Here are a few important points to consider.

  • Sizing: It’s very important that you get the right size bike for you. If you are under 170 cm, then your top tube lenght should be 51cm. If, however, you are over 182 cm, you’re most likely going to be more comfortable with a 53 cm tube or over.
  • Weight: The more lightweight the bike is the better suited for tricks it’s going to be, however, depending on the type of riding style you have, the ideal weight might be different for you.