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Oval Dining Table: Make the Most Out of Your Small Space

By on Last modified: January 3, 2018

Many of us have settled for a small dining room, or even no dining room at all, in an effort to save up some money or enlarge another area like the kitchen or living room. Regardless of what everyone’s telling you, having a small dining area is not the end of the world. In fact, it can be turned to a wonderful advantage. The lack of space can be quite inspirational because it pushes you to find creative ways to deal with it, ultimately turning your little dining area into something unique and cosy.

Oval Dining Tables

But first of all, you need to put your fears aside. It’s not that difficult to arrange a small dining area when you identify the biggest problem robbing you of space – the dining table. The dining table is what makes your eating area, but it’s also the thing that can break it. Nowadays, many of us are drawn to rectangular designs which look a lot more contemporary than the classic round designs. Since you’d want your dining table to fit a good number of people and also perfectly blend into the space, a rectangular table is out of question. That is, unless you’re okay with restricted freedom of movement and regularly bumping your hips into it.

Of course, the obvious solution can be found in the range of oval dining tables. An oval dining table is the best of both worlds – it’s a space-saving alternative to the rectangular table, while allowing more people to sit on it. With its rounded corners, not only does it tend to occupy less space but it also looks a lot more delicate too. Due to their shape, oval dining tables are an ideal choice for any narrow dining area because they help visually extend the space.

But besides being a space-efficient solution, an oval dining table with its smooth edges and corners also looks very inviting and comfortable. A simple, wooden oval table can produce the kind of warm atmosphere that’s perfect for intimate dinners and small gatherings. It makes people sit in a way where they face each other better, which makes them interact more and maintain eye contact. Yes, the right choice of dining table can manage to bring your family closer.

A huge selling point for oval dining tables is that they are incredibly versatile. Because they are essentially a blend of the rectangular and oval shape, they look beautiful just about anywhere whether it’s a traditional setting, an eclectic scheme, or a sleek, modern interior. What’s more, the smooth edges of the table manage to soften the harsh lines of other furniture pieces, thus making the small space appear less intimidating.