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Some Unorthodox Pieces of Equipment That Give Surprising Results

By on Last modified: February 15, 2018

At some point in life, everyone of us tried, or at least wanted to try to get in better shape. And, most of us have tried the usual workout routines and gym equipment that everyone says give you the best results. But, what if there were some more unusual routines that might seem strange at first, but give some pretty good results? Would you be willing to try them?

If you are indeed looking for a less standard mode of exercise, one that combines burning fat and building muscle, then I would strongly recommend you to find a workout weight vest for sale. But, how can it do both? Well it depends on what kind of exercise you are doing while wearing it. The weight vest looks almost exactly like the bullet-proof vests the police use, and some of them come with a fixed weight, while others allow it to be adjusted. It is designed to add extra resistance to your routine, so it will simply amplify the results of whatever cardio or muscle-building exercise you are doing.


A somewhat more common workout item would be the exercise ball. These have recently become very popular with a large group of people because of the specific results that can be achieved. All this item is is a large rubber ball that can come in a variety of sizes, but is usually large enough to come up to knee level. While simple, it can be used to do an assortment of regular exercises like push-ups or sit-ups, but with much more of a focus on also strengthening your abdominal muscles. This happens because the user is forced to not only exert himself in doing the exercises, but also trying to maintain balance, thereby using his core much more than he would normally.

Finally, if you are trying to focus much more on upper-body oriented routine, the door pull up bar would most likely be the best training gear for you. As the name suggests, this kind of pull up bar doesn’t need a special frame, but is simply attached to the frame of your door, meaning it can be placed nearly anywhere. The workouts you can do on them are limited to pull-ups (obviously), but they still come with three different kinds of grips depending on exactly which muscles you would like to focus on. But be careful, because while most models can handle a decent amount of weight, exactly how much also depends heavily on how sturdy the placement point on the door is.

The best thing to do while working out is to vary your routine to give certain muscles a break if you feel they are getting too sore, and try not to be afraid of changing things up a little and trying something new, like tracking down a pull up bar or a workout weight vest for sale.