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Quilt Covers: Things to Consider when It’s Time for a Change

By on Last modified: May 28, 2018

Winter is here and you can finally bring that cosy quilt of yours out of the closet and wrap yourself in it. But quilts are more than just a type of bedding to keep you warm during cold nights. Considering how they come in a variety of stylish designs, they can also beautifully transform the look of your bedroom. If your old quilt covers have started turning yellow, or you simply got bored with them and want to change them with a brand new set, there are a few crucial factors you need to consider.

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The Material

If you’re looking for quilt covers online or at a local store, you’ll come across a huge range of materials such as cotton and cotton blends, wool, bamboo, flannel, synthetic materials, and even luxurious silk. Not only do these different materials differ in price, but most importantly, they differ in their features, including softness, breathability, and ease of maintenance.

If you have sensitive skin, it’s better to opt for natural materials, such as cotton and bamboo, which are soft and breathable. If you’re an especially cold sleeper, thicker quilt covers made of flannel or wool will add to the heat insulation of the quilt or doona. Synthetic materials are usually the cheapest, but in terms of durability they won’t last you for more than a couple of seasons.

Thread Count

Like pillow cases and bed sheets, the quality of quilt covers is also affected by the thread count. This refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square 10cm. Considering this, the higher the thread count, the denser the fabric – thus the softer and better wearing it will be. But there’s more! A cover with a very high thread count, say over 1000, can prevent the heat from escaping easily which and additionally help you stay warm.

The Design

Let’s be honest, choosing your new quilt cover set is not only a matter of quality, but it’s also a matter of what aesthetically appeals the most to you. Since the bedroom is supposed to be a harmonious space, it’s important to choose covers in a design that matches the rest of your décor, including cushions, drapes, rugs, and furnishings. But keep in mind that the design will also affect the price of the cover. A more intricate weave or a bold design looks stunning without a doubt, but it’s also more expensive than a simpler one. But considering how simplicity is the best form of elegance, when shopping for quilt covers online, choose a simple cover in a classic design which will not only be cheaper, but it will also never go out of style.