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Scandinavian Décor: Make Your Home Feel Like Home

By on Last modified: November 22, 2018

Being part of a world that’s constantly focused on the new, it’s certainly refreshing when you witness a trend that sticks through time and time again. I’m sure you can guess I’m referring to the Scandinavian design trend; it’s been around for decades, and we still can’t get enough of it!




Why is this so? It starts with the very philosophy behind it that is as true as ever: it’s about the simplicity expressed through the clean lines, the careful choice of materials with more focus on the natural, and the outstanding craftsmanship that promises timelessness. All of this together makes a home feel like one.

Of course, décor items play their role here as well, not just furniture pieces, and all you have to do is find the store with a variety of Scandinavian home decor products, and let creativity guide you through. Same as other pieces of the design, these products offer aesthetic appeal, that’s simple yet at the same time elegant, and incomparable quality to help personalise your home.

As mentioned, the beauty of the design reflects the beauty of nature, and with Scandinavian decor pieces you can expect to find plenty of natural materials and natural tones, as in the example of stoneware vases to invite the natural greys in. Yes, this is the design that makes you see raw materials can be aesthetic so instead of a home in modern style that’s stripped of beauty, you get the opposite.

Knowing the essence of Scandinavian design is in fact functionality, home decor products don’t have to strictly be decorative, they are useful too. What this means is other than the typical art, in the likes of posters, prints, and paintings, as well as cushions and rugs to add some texture, you can rely on utility products to inject your interior with style.

Have you ever stopped to think how fashionable door and hook knobs are? Sure, we use them to open doors and hang items, but they are those details that you didn’t know you needed until you see how they fill up the décor gaps gracefully. Practicality and sophistication form a combination Scandinavians bring to light so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with towels, trays, clocks, toothbrush holders, and bookends.

Don’t even let me start on mirrors… The statement pieces they are, charming with their shapes, sizes, frames, and materials, they are exactly the needed elements to bring more light to your home. If there’s one thing Scandinavian homes use to create cosy ambiance, it’s light! Have fun creating illusory spaces reflecting natural light with the simple addition of a mirror.