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Signs That You Need A Hearing Test

By on Last modified: December 21, 2015

It seems as if it is impossible for a person not to be able to diagnose whether they have a certain level of hearing impairment, right? However, it is amazing how we can trick ourselves into thinking that everything is alright just because we fear to acknowledge that we might have a mild or severe disconnection with the world of sounds. For that purpose, in this article I will discuss the most common signs that signal that you need to schedule a hearing test ASAP.

  • One of the most serious signs that you need to schedule a check up with an audiologist is having a ringing sensation in the ear/s, also called tinnitus. You need to address the issue immediately, unless it happened just once and did not last for too long.
  • Be mindful of what other people say to you, it might not be simply an innocent remark if more people tell you that you talk too loud. If that is the case, you might be going through the first phase of hearing loss and struggling to hear yourself speak!
  • Another clue that your hearing abilities are not the way they used to be, is the amount of effort you need to make to understand what a person is speaking, especially when there is a background noise present.
  • If you tend to watch television with the volume turned a lot higher than normally and if you notice people complaining about it – you might as well make an appointment. Increasing the volume and avoiding to cope with the issue might only deepen the gravity of the impairment. Many of your relationships with people will become less enjoyable since speaking too loudly and bothering them with the high TV volume will surely start to annoy them more and more.

The most important thing to avoid is falling for the trap of fear and denial. Undergoing hearing tests is a very beneficial and non-invasive procedure that can only be good for you and the health of your ears. If the audiologist claims that your situation requires turning to hearing aids, you will also witness the improvement of your social skills.

People with hearing impairment often blame other people for speaking too softly and too low. Moreover, they also say that all of a sudden everybody is speaking at the same time because they have problem concentrating and distinguishing between the speakers and the background noise. You can avoid this phase of fear and denial and help yourself in a more timely manner that will also contribute to avoiding conflicts with family and friends.