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Simple Living: The Essential Elements of the Scandinavian Charm

By on Last modified: January 10, 2018

One thing that’s certain when speaking about Scandinavian style is that it brings brightness and simplicity to one’s home. Long hours without sunlight during the long and cold winters in the countries of Scandinavia have influenced this type of interior design to rely on every designer trick in order to welcome the natural light inside. The beautiful natural surroundings have also put an imprint into the shapes and textures of the furniture and home accessories, allowing the beauty of nature to enrich one’s home. Here are some basic guidelines you can use in order to mix and match furniture and other accessories and create a cosy place that tells the Scandinavian story.

2 Seater Sofa

Simplicity and Light Make the Cut

One of the essential elements of Scandinavian interior design is brightness. White walls, light colour furniture and pale or light wooden floors are essential for this style. Every peace of furniture and home accessory reflects nature with its simple forms, natural materials, simple patterns and pale colours in general. Lighting plays a huge role if you want to design your home in the Scandinavian style. You should use it intentionally in order to brighten up your home even more and add a cozier feeling to your interior.

Functional Décor Offers Much More

Scandinavian interior design comes with simple shapes and forms of furniture that suit any room size and just a few décor items that pop up. Though the minimal design is predominant, there are many ways to add depth using different layers of texture, colours and materials. Another key element to Scandinavian interiors is making use of decorative storage. Shelves, boxes, baskets, benches and even clothes stands are used for storage, but also for creating a unique look and adding a personal touch to any room. For example, you could place a nice decorative box or basket underneath your 2 seater sofa or put some nice boxes on the shelves. Speaking of which, it’s recommended for the 2 seater sofa to enough space underneath for storage and sleek look which is usually achieved with wooden legs.

Smart Variety in Texture is a Scandi Design Lecture

In order to bring more interest and texture to your interior, you can use colourful décor choices in the form of rugs with contrasting patterns, different types of organic materials and cozy textiles as furniture cover (sheep skin, soft cotton, wool, etc.). Also, it is very common to use wood and even bricks as wall decorations. You can also add the classic black and white contrast with a wallpaper or go with a natural pattern of which the feather type is quite common.