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Three Bold but Stylish Pieces of Tribal Homewares

By on Last modified: May 26, 2017

I don’t know what it is, but when some people hear the word tribal regarding interior décor, they make a weird face expression. For some reason, people associate tribal with kitschy and distasteful. However, they are completely mistaken. The truth is, tribal is really not for everyone, as not everyone knows how to implement it in their decor. But the ones with a good sense of design know that tribal décor pieces can be an intricate eye-candy in a boring vanilla home interior.

A few common household items with exotic tribal details and extravagant designs bring the right amount of soul to bring a simple interior to the next level. And just imagine the pride of having genuine tribal homewares handmade by talented craftsmen from all over the world whose skills were passed down through generations. To give you an idea what I’m talking about, see how these following pieces use their stunning tribal charm to the max!

Bone Inlay Mirror

Mirrors are very underrated when it comes to their design. Sure, their primarily function is to help us stare at our reflection, but an interesting mirror can make an impact in a living room where it’s normally not expected. Plus, a mirror can create light and visually enlarge the space while bringing a positive Feng Shui energy to it. Mirrors and other tribal homewares out of bone inlay can easily double as art. Bone inlay is a unique technique Indian craftsman use to create showstopping patterns. Delicate pieces of bone are carefully carved and individually inlaid onto a wooden frame in an interesting pattern. Then layers of coloured resin are used to fill the space around the bone and create a stunning contrast. An impressive mirror made out of bone inlay allows the rest of the room to be modestly furnished and minimally accessorized. Its presence is a strong focal point on its own.

Beaded Chandelier

From the mystical regions of India, we’re off to exotic Africa where we’re greeted by the unique African mud bead chandelier. The same beautiful earthy design is brought to you in Australian stores in the form of beaded chandeliers. Beaded chandeliers are for people who don’t like the pretentiousness of chandeliers because they take everything a chandelier is and turn it on its head. Instead of fancy shiny crystals, these chandeliers use delicate wooden beads and still retain the sophisticated look. They show that simple and natural can look luxurious too. This type of a chandelier produces ample light, reduces the height of the ceiling and makes a seating area feel more intimate.

Cowhide Rug

Every home needs some piece that will emit warmth – whether it’s a fireplace or a soft rug. And the truth is, no tribal chic home should go without its very own cowhide rug. Cowhide rugs are one of the accessories that can instantly give a tribal flair to any room. They draw one’s eye to the floor while also feeling incredibly soft on the feet. Now, before you slap this piece of covering with a big NO, it’s important to note that a cow rug does not necessarily have to come from a real bovine – it can be synthetically designed to look like one. Moreover, many hides are dyed in incredibly vibrant colours that really pop in a monochromatic space, creating a stunning contrast.