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The Three Most Popular Morakniv Knives for Outdoor Use

By on Last modified: July 7, 2017

A good knife is the essential piece of gear every outdoor enthusiast needs to include in his bag. And as far a good knife is concerned, nothing beats the good old Swedes. I’m sure no-one could survive the harsh Scandinavian conditions without a strong reliable knife as his most trusted companion. How can we not trust the Swedes to be our main supplier of these important tools, when they have all the proper knowledge and experience? One such Swedish manufacturer is Morakniv which since 1891 makes fixed-blade knives that pack an unbelievable degree of utility and durability for an affordable price. Today, Morakniv knives have become the go-to tools for many Australian bushwalkers, mountain climbers, hunters and fishermen. Let’s look at the three most popular models.

Bushcraft Carbon Steel Knife – A Simple yet Reliable Camping Tool



The top seller in the wide range of Morakniv knives is the Buschraft. This knife is excellent for outdoor use in so many ways. First of all, it has safety features such as front and rear hand protection that prevents the hand slipping of the grip. It’s carbon steel blade that’s 3.2mm thick and 109mm long makes the Bushcraft the ideal camping tool for carving wood and cutting through branches. Moreover, the blade has a black coating that prevents corrosion and makes this type of knife great for humid and wet areas such as swamps, lakes and forests. The back of the blade is also practical and can be used as a fire starter. For extra protection, the Bushwalker also comes with a hard plastic sheath that keeps it securely in place and prevents the risk of cutting yourself while rummaging through the bag. Regarding price, the Bushcraft can be found for as little as 70 dollars.

Kamnsbol – The Multi-Purpose Knife for Every Occasion

When you’re out there in the merciless Australian wilderness, you’ll need to be fully prepared for everything that might come your way. A multi-purpose knife such as Kamnsbol can especially come in handy. Whether you need to cut wood splints for the fire, make your way through the woods or food preparation, this flexible knife can be your reliable partner. Kamnsbol offers the best from both worlds: the flexibility of a lightweight knife, and the robustness and durability of a stainless steel model. But what makes it especially convenient is that it comes with a multi-mount fastening system allowing you to take your knife everywhere without fearing you might lose it. Surprisingly, this versatile knife is a real steal costing around 80 dollars.

Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife for Extreme Conditions

While the aforementioned models handle well easy outdoor tasks, the Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival knife is designed to cope with the most extreme situations. This heavy-duty knife proudly shows off a 3.2mm thick and sharp blade with a defined tip that can slice though anything besides rock and metal. The DLC coating on the blade provides great protection against rust. Additionally, the knife has an integrated fire starter which can produce such a bright spark that can be used as an emergency signal. The Bushcraft Survival sheath also has a diamond sharpener for the ultimate bushcraft experience. All of thins makes the Morakniv Bushcraft an indispensable tool for many different outdoor, tactical, hunting or emergency applications.