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Tips on Choosing a Coffee Table That Fits Your Home Decor and Lifestyle

By on Last modified: May 16, 2018

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the style, size, and shape of your coffee table. For some, the choice is rather easy as they know what they want and need. For others, any kind of variable can confuse them, like oversize furniture, unusual room layout, kids, pets, etc. If you belong in the second group of hesitant people, here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices and pick the right coffee table for your space and needs.

round coffee table

Choosing the Shape

It is useful to first determine the shape that will work best for your room’s layout. For instance, a rectangular or oval coffee table pairs best with very long sofas. These coffee table shapes can also be used with small love seats as long as their size doesn’t overwhelm the space. A round coffee table goes well with large sectionals and super modern sofas. If you have harsh, sharp lines in your room’s design, you can also consider buying a round coffee table to help soften the edges.

Height Matters

As long as you choose a coffee table that is the same height, or a little bit taller than your sofa’s seat height, it will blend wonderfully in the design scheme. If you have a lounge seating, go for a lower coffee table to match it. If you like the look of taller coffee tables, make sure you choose one that has a smaller diameter to help balance the combination.

The Material

Don’t choose a glass table if you have toddlers that like climbing on your furniture. Glass tops are generally not a great idea for family rooms because aside from being fragile, they may also feature sharp corners, which can be dangerous for your little ones. Also, don’t get a wood surface that requires the use of coasters if you don’t like using them. Do select a material that complements your existing furniture and it is suitable for your lifestyle’s tempo.

Consider More Than One Coffee Table

According to interior designers, some spaces work better with multiple smaller coffee tables. For example, smaller spaces tend to benefit more from multiple smaller coffee tables rather than just one because this gives you more flexibility to adjust the layout for different activities.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Considering that upholstered coffee tables are available in a range of colours, they are a great option to add a touch of colour to your space. For a unique look, top it with a tray that will hold books and other cute items. Just make sure to choose your fabric wisely as chocolate stains  are certainly unavoidable when you have kids running around.