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What E Juice Liquid to Buy

By on Last modified: March 18, 2016

The number of people who smoke cigarettes is worrisome and constantly increasing. Some of them lead a great battle to quit the habit and ultimately win, but some of them fail despite all their efforts. For all of you who are sick and tired from the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, there is a healthier option today – e-cigarettes! This popular alternative is very popular among smokers who can’t or just don’t want to quit smoking. They offer a lot of benefits, undoubtedly. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of models, are cost-effective and much healthier when compared to traditional cigarettes. Also, the tobacco flavour is not the only one you are limited to; with e-cigarettes, you can enjoy a wide range of e juice liquid flavours including menthol, apple, vanilla, melon, forest fruits, etc.

When buying a flavour for the first time, a wise thing to do is buy a small bottle since you may not like how it tastes. But beside this, there are also some other things to consider. Take a look.

E Cig GirlBrand

If you just google it, you will be surprised of the wide range of e juice liquid brands available. If you want to make the right selection make sure that the e-liquid the certain brand offers is certified and does not come from China. A quality and safe e juice liquid should contain all the important information on the package. A clever idea is to check for reviews, people are constantly sharing their experiences with different brands and e-liquids. Remember, a reputable e juice liquid brand should provide you with great services and multiple flavours to choose from.


When going through different e-liquids you will come across these four terms: zero, low, medium and high; all of these are related to the strength of the liquid which is related to the nicotine content in the e-juice. Before you opt for a particular strength, consider your smoking habits, that is, how often and how long you have been smoking. For example, heavy smokers should buy high strength e-liquids, while light smokers should go for those with lower strength.


E-liquids are made of PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), nicotine and assorted flavours. There is a wide range of flavours to choose from, varying from tobacco which is the most popular one, to exotic fruit flavours such as mango, twisted melon, strawberry, lemon and ginger, cinnamon, etc. Make sure you satisfy your taste preferences; if you do not like the taste of apples then it would be ridiculous to spend your money on a green apple e-juice, right?