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What to Look for When Buying a TV for Caravan

By on Last modified: May 26, 2017

More and more people are looking for ways to get away from the concrete jungle. One of the most common ways to do so is renting or buying a caravan and going on a remote spot where nothing but nature surrounds you. However, in this age of technology, most of us are addicted to it and that’s perfectly fine. Many people buy TVs that are specially made for their caravan so that they can follow the news, the weather report or their favourite soapie.

Caravan TV

Something worth knowing is that not every TV is made to be used in a caravan, as there the power is limited and the reception is not always great either. So naturally, there are some things to consider. Generally, a 12 volt TV for caravan is the ideal solution as it’s designed to withstand outback roads and you can usually buy it in combination with a DVD player. Some other options include satellite television or a digital set with antenna.

With that being said, a 12 volt TV for caravan should include some features, like a couple of HDMI inputs so you can plug a laptop to it, an earphone outlet so you can watch TV while others are asleep, consumer electronics control, a USB port, AV, the ability to record, rewind and pause live TV and a secure stand.

As aforementioned, you need to consider whether you’ll be watching movies from a laptop or an USB, or you’ll have to buy an antenna or a receiver/decoder. The receiver or decoder should be able to get both analogue and digital signals as well as power the antenna. Putting the antenna in the right spot is essential. The position you put the antenna in will depend on the size and construction of the caravan. You can mount it on a tripod with heavy-duty pegs which can help you secure it in place.

Lastly, the size is another important feature to consider. Depending on the available space in your caravan, you might be limited or might not. If you aren’t, there are TVs with over 20 inch LED screens, which are perfect for the occasion.

To sum it up, buying a TV for your caravan can come in handy when the weather is bad or when it’s time to relax in bed before going to sleep. Standard TVs aren’t recommended to be used as they aren’t as stable when you drive your caravan through rough roads. You can find caravan TVs online that go with a DVD as a package, and the only other thing left to do is find a satellite TV provider.