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When’s the Right Time to Buy an Exhaust Upgrade?

By on Last modified: September 5, 2017

The Ford Courier is one of the most commonly used utility vehicles. There have been many different manufacturers producing them, with one of the most popular ones in Australia being Mazda, especially the Mazda B-Series fourth generation. Depending on how you most commonly use your Ford Courier, you might need an extra bit of power for more heavy-duty tasks.

An affordable way to see a significant increase in power is by getting your Ford Courier exhaust upgrade. Whether it’s power, or you simply need a Ford Courier exhaust upgrade because your old exhaust is worn and torn, there are a few thing to consider.


A lot of people purchase an exhaust by simply seeing or hearing a particular exhaust, and they want to buy it because it looks or sounds good, without considering the important factors like the materials it’s made of, and whether it’s a good fit.

The materials the exhaust is made from can make a huge difference in how it performs. Most aftermarket performance exhausts are made of stainless steel or aluminised steel. The reason being the fact that these materials are rust and corrosion resistant, as well as heat insensitive. This means they won’t clutter when under pressure.

Furthermore, a quality aftermarket exhaust will give you an improved fuel economy by allowing your engine to breathe more freely. More oxygen into the engine means improved, more efficient fuel burning. Moreover, the emissions from the engine also leave the exhaust system much faster.

But how do you know when your exhaust system is failing? There are typically a few ways you can tell something is wrong. A lot of people generally just look out for the stereotypical grumbling when on the road. While that’s not a wrong way to detect the problem, there are a couple of other things, such as:

  • a feeling of the exhaust dragging
  • rattling and knocking noises coming from underneath your truck
  • excess smoke from the tailpipe
  • the exhaust looks like it’s hanging lower than usual.

Whenever you start experiencing the aforementioned problems, it’s either time to repair the exhaust, or completely replace it. When completely replacing an exhaust system, it’s advisable you replace it entirely instead of only the broken parts. The exhaust is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as it controls the engine’s emissions – it can lead to dangerous gases being released into the vehicle itself. You surely don’t want to risk the exhaust not functioning correctly.