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Why Should no Garden Pond Go Without a Pump

By on Last modified: July 5, 2017

There’s a certain Zen to a nicely landscaped garden that’s enriched with its very own fresh and lively pond. A garden pond, especially the one that you’ve put in time and effort to create, can add so much value to your curb appeal. And perhaps most importantly, welcoming a pond into your garden is inviting serenity to take a complete hold of it. Watching the colourful fish happily swim around the luscious plant life can be incredibly soothing. And when the temperatures start rising, a clean, cool pond can release freshness into the air that will make your garden the best hiding spot from the sweltering heat.

Water Pond Pumps

This raises the question, how can one keep a pond, which is a complex ecosystem, fresh and clean the whole time? The answer: by installing a water pond pump. Many fishpond owners will tell you that the key to keeping their outdoor water oasis alive are water pond pumps. By keeping the water circulating around the whole pond, water pond pumps make sure that all the important nutrients are distributed evenly to every living being whether fish, plant, snail or frog.

But besides keeping alive the inhabitants of the pond, pond pumps also keep everything unwanted away. Preventing the water from stagnating and becoming stale, lowers the likelihood that pesky mosquitoes appear or that unsightly and smelly algae forms. And if your pond has a lot fish in it, then the need for a pump is even larger because the formation of algae can hinder their free movements and result in unfortunate deaths.

But water pond pumps which are continuously operating can cause your electricity bills to significantly increase, which brings on the need for a more economical solution. Luckily, solar powered pumps are virtually free of costs for operating and are also a more environmentally-friendly solution. And if you are a pond owner, chances are you admire nature and everything that dwells in it. Since they require no cables and electricity hook-ups, these types of pond pumps are very easy to install, even by yourself. All you need to do is position the solar panel at a spot in your garden where it will have access to enough sunlight, and then drop the nozzle of the pump at the bottom of the pond.

Maintenance wise, these pumps don’t require much work. The pump itself has no parts that need cleaning, unless you decide to include a filter. And a filter can prevent fish waste from accumulating and help clean up any debris that might fall into the pond such as leaves or rocks. All you need to do is remember to clean the filtration system every two weeks. You don’t even have to worry about cloudy days when there’s not much sunlight coming through. The solar powered system is designed in such a way that it constantly gathers energy and stores the left-over for future use when there’s lack of sunlight.