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    3D Lash Extensions for a Powerful and Voluminous Look

    By on Last modified: August 21, 2020

    When Tony Montana uttered the famous line ‘The eyes, chico. They never lie’ he probably wasn’t familiar with the concept of 3D eyelashes that can completely change any eye look. You should also remember this next time you’re admiring the makeup-free look of your favourite influencers. Chances are, these beautiful queens are wearing natural-looking falsies, but who can blame them?

    Natural Looking False Eyelashes

    Unfortunately, women aren’t blessed with the same pair of long, voluminous lashes as men. Moreover, there are tons of factors that can damage the natural lashes of women. Bad habits like sleeping with makeup, curling your lashes after you put mascara and using harsh eye-products can cause breakage and falling out.

    This is why 3D eyelashes and extensions come in handy. Not only that they add instant glam and a bit of drama to almost any makeup look, but they will also beautify your eyes when you’re not wearing makeup at all.

    What’s the Difference between 3D Eyelashes and Extensions

    Many newbies in the beauty community make the mistake of using the terms 3D eyelashes and extensions interchangeably. Although both of them are used to enhance the length and volume of natural eyelashes, there are several differences between them to keep in mind.

    The first difference is in the application method, while you can apply falsies by yourself, extensions must be applied by a professional in a beauty salon. This application of faux lashes is quick and easy although it can be tricky the first few times until you get a better hold of them. The application of lash extensions takes anywhere between 1 and 2 hours because instead of applying a lash band, hairs are individually placed on the natural eyelashes.

    3D Eylashes Application

    Next, falsies are more convenient because you can take them off by yourself whenever you want, unlike extensions which require another trip to the beauty salon. Also, extensions need regular touch-ups which adds up to the overall price of the treatment.

    3D lash extensions are more high-maintenance. You’ll need to stay away from oil cleansers, cotton pads and certain types of mascaras because they can damage the extensions.

    With that settled, it’s time to continue with the next question.

    What Does “3D” Stand for?

    The 3D in false eyelashes refers to the design and the way they look and feel. 3D false lashes are three-dimensional with layered ends which don’t lay flat. When it comes to 3D lash extensions, the 3D means that you’ll have 3 extensions per natural lash.

    Will Faux Lashes and Extensions Damage Natural Lashes?

    As long as you carefully follow the instructions for each method, practice good hygiene and choose quality cosmetics, you won’t have anything to worry about.

    Make sure you use an adhesive that’s formaldehyde and latex-free to avoid eye infections and damage. It’s best to use an adhesive that dries quickly and provides strong yet flexible hold for your falsies. If you’re getting extensions, be extremely careful not to tug them out by accident because this can damage your natural eyelashes as well.

    3D Eyelashes

    How Many Types of 3D Eyelash Extensions and Lashes are there?

    There are numerous types and styles of 3D falsies and eyelash extensions you can use depending on the effect you want to achieve. You can choose lashes made from faux mink, silk or human hair with short, medium or long length and lots of different levels of curliness, thickness and fullness. Lash extensions range from 1D to 6D, depending on the number of extensions applied per natural hair.

    How to Achieve Different Looks with Faux Lashes?

    You can achieve plenty of different night time and day time looks thanks to the huge variety of eyelash extensions and falsies. Whichever style and method you choose, it will certainly make your eyes look more powerful and it will round-up your makeup look.

    If you want to leave a cute impression, use 3D eyelash extensions that make the eye look bigger and more open. To achieve this look, choose longer and curlier 3D eyelashes for the centre of the eyelid. This will bring attention to the iris, thus making the eye look wide open.

    Get ready to turn some heads with a sultry eye look. Choose lashes that are longer and curlier on the edges to create almond-shaped eyes that will spell S-E-X-Y any time you look at someone.

    For a luxurious look choose lashes that have an even length throughout the entire lash line. This will thicken the appearance of your lashes and a bit of lush to your eye look.

    If you’d like a sweeter and more innocent look, choose mildly-curled, but long lashes that draw attention to your lower eyelid.

    You can never go wrong with a natural eye look whether it’s a special night out or just another day at the office. Mildly curled lashes with medium length will add just the right amount of volume and accentuation you need.

    Eyelashes 3D Extensions

    How to Care for Your 3D Falsies?

    It’s important to know how to care for your 3D lashes in order to achieve and maintain the best result. While you can use water-based mascara with regular eyelashes, it’s better to completely avoid using any type of mascara with 3D extensions. Using mascara may ruin the fluffy look of the 3D lashes and make them appear clumpy and unkempt.

    Don’t wet your eyes immediately after application and wait for the adhesive to completely dry before washing your face. Be careful around the eyes to avoid tugging the lashes out by accident and don’t use tissues or cotton pads to dry them.

    Avoid putting makeup directly on the falsies to prevent infections and use clean makeup brushes. You can also comb them with a clean mascara brush to ensure every hair is in its right place.

    P.S. If it’s your first time applying false eyelashes, don’t get easily frustrated. This skill requires time and patience, so don’t rush yourself and remember, practice makes perfect.