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    Aftermarket Exhaust Systems: Transform Your Colorado Into an Off-Road Beast

    By on Last modified: October 12, 2018

    Ever since the Colorado replaced the long-standing Rodeo nameplate, it has become one of the most popular UTEs in Australia, and for all the right reasons – it’s tough, comfortable, comes in a wide range of bodystyles, giving plenty of choice for buyers and allowing them to pick a model that suits their specific needs. And even though Colorado is a great vehicle right out of the factory, it comes as no surprise that it doesn’t perform exceptionally well in rough, off-road environments. But that can be said about almost every UTE, as they all lack the protection, and sometimes the performance to conquer steep hills and river banks.

    Colorado exhaust system

    If you’re looking to take your Colorado off the beaten trail, then you might want to consider investing in some aftermarket parts, such as bull bars for protection, and an aftermarket Colorado exhaust system for improved performance. While this may sound like a reach, an aftermarket Colorado exhaust system can be beneficial not just for off-road performance, but for improving fuel economy and prolonging the engine’s life-span as well. This is thanks to the fact that aftermarket exhaust system pipes are typically larger in diameter, thus allowing for better airflow from and to the engine.

    When the engine gets more oxygen, it can burn fuel at a better rate, which results in improved fuel economy. Moreover, the exhaust gases that come out of the engine leave the system quicker. Additionally, aftermarket exhaust pipes are made of aluminium or stainless steel, whereas stock exhaust systems are usually made of mild steel. Aluminium and stainless steel offer better rust and corrosion resistance properties and are also more durable, which is extremely important when riding in tough off-road conditions.

    There are three basic types of aftermarket systems available on the market: axle-back, cat-back and header-back. Axle-back systems, as their name implies, replace the entire system from the rear axle to the muffler. These systems don’t have a significant effect on the fuel economy and performance. Cat-back systems replace everything from the catalytic converter to the muffler and have a moderate effect on performance and fuel economy. Header-back systems replace the entire exhaust system and have the largest effect on the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle.

    If you’re looking to invest in an aftermarket system for your Colorado, I suggest you get a header-back system, because replacing the system partially will mean that the stock parts will underperform and eventually wear down, then you’ll have to replace them anyway.