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    Archery Essentials: All You’ll Need To Start Your New Hobby

    By on Last modified: May 10, 2021

    Archery is nowadays an interesting and adventurous hobby that many people pick out because they love spending time in nature and love the rustic, precision-driven thrill it gives. Used for sports as well as for hunting, archery is well and alive.

    However, this activity isn’t something new. If we go back a few thousand years into the past, archery wouldn’t be a hobby, it would be a survival method, a weapon used to protect and attack, and a part of hunting essentials.

    With roots in the Stone Age, a more modernized version of archery is believed to have appeared among Ancient Egyptians, and later on, in China, around the year 1760 BC.

    This leaves archery with a whole lot of history, but also a whole lot of time and space for development and innovation to be applied. If we go back to today, archery is extremely modernized, yet still connected to its roots.

    If you’re someone who’d like to pick up archery, but you’re not sure where to begin, here is a list of a few essential pieces of archery equipment you need to buy.

    archery equipment


    Did you see this one coming? Of course, the first thing you’ll need in your archery supplies closet is a bow. Bows in the past were simple, but nowadays we have all kinds of different types of bows, made out of different materials, and used for different purposes.

    For traditional archery, the wooden bow is still a staple item, but it features a lot of new additions and clever designs to maximize speed, precision, and stability, giving the archer an ultimately modern experience, yet one that’s still not detached from the roots of archery itself.

    These bows are best for those that want more control over their shooting, no matter if they’re professionals, amateurs, or have just picked up archery at all.

    Then we have a different type of bow that’s usually made of metal and provides a somewhat automated experience when shooting. These bows are heavier than their wooden counterparts and, obviously, aren’t part of traditional archery.

    Designed for utmost efficacy, they’re an item that should be used by professionals in the field, as they do require a bit of know-how to be able to be used properly.

    With a very steampunk look to them, these bows offer silent shooting and increased accuracy, so if you’re a hunter and would like to up your game, looking into these might be a good idea.

    Wooden Arrows


    Another thing you definitely need in your archery equipment set is arrows. What’s a bow without an arrow, right?

    Although the arrows used in the past were made of wood, there are carbon-made arrows today which can offer ultimate speed and maximum penetration without the risk of them breaking or getting damaged in the process.

    The arrow-making industry is a very specific one, similar to the one manufacturing bullets, as the composition, make, balance, length, straightness, and so on really affect the performance an arrow can give and how well it can be used.

    Wooden arrows still exist, and they should be used with wooden bows if you want that authentic hunting experience only a wooden bow and arrow can give. However, their performance can be different than the arrows made of carbon, just because of the stability and durability.

    A wooden arrow can’t offer the same sturdiness and penetration as a bow made of a material like carbon, but if you like a challenge, then add both carbon and wooden arrows to your archery supply!

    The whole point of archery nowadays is to experiment and test its limits, especially with all the firearms we have around, so don’t be afraid to pick a few different things up and test them out.

    A pack of arrows isn’t an expensive item, so once you’ve gotten your bow, pay attention to what kind of arrows it dictates you to buy and get a few. Then, it’s time for the great outdoors.

    After a while of using your bow and arrows, you’ll figure out which ones suit you best and for what purposes, so please don’t hesitate to experiment, it’s essential to your unique and successful archery experience.

    Accessories & Maintenence Archery

    Accessories & Maintenence

    To round off your archery gear and supplies you’ll need a couple of accessory archery items and some maintenance items to ensure bow longevity and proper performance.

    For starters, you’ll need gloves of the proper size to make sure your hands stay protected and your shooting game is immaculate. Such gloves can be bought in sports stores that stock quality archery supplies. Getting the right fit is very important. Your gloves should fit snuggly, but not be tight and uncomfortable. They should, you know, fit like a glove!

    Another thing you can get is a scope for your arrow to help you with shooting and target practice. When we’re at target practice, there are multiple items you can buy to help you with this alongside target practice arrows that will prevent any damage or overuse of your primary ones. I’d highly recommend getting these items when you’re first starting off to get a handle on your bow and shooting game and develop a feel for it all.

    Finally, you’ll need a bunch of items for maintaining your bow, depending on the type of bow you have. There are many archery kits that will have such items included, so if you’re inexperienced, either get a kit or ask a clerk to help you find the best supplies to help you keep everything well-maintained and in order.

    archery as a hoby

    To Sum Up

    Archery can be a really fun hobby for many people out there and these essential pieces of archery equipment will help you develop your shooting game and will only enhance your love for this activity.

    Always buy archery supplies from stores that sell sports gear and don’t try to save when it comes to a bow. Some of them might be a bit pricey, but their performance and durability will make them extremely worth it in the long run.

    Whether you use it for hunting or just as a way of having fun, quality shouldn’t be compromised, so ask questions and do your research before purchasing!

    Other than that, all that’s left to do is enjoy nature and your newfound hobby!