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    Bathroom Essentials to Complete This Important Area

    By on Last modified: July 5, 2019



    No matter how old or new your bathroom is, without the right accessories it can look quite dull. No matter how fancy your tiles and bathroom cabinets, without the right bathroom essentials, everything can go to waste. Fortunately, avoiding this is super-easy, only if you invest in the right bathroom essentials. Then and only then you can be sure that you’ll have a completely functional and stylish bathroom.

    Toothbrush Holder

    Having a place where you can keep your toothbrushes is a must. According to interior designers, the one you choose should complement the sink and faucets (if you are placing it on the sink). In case you want to place it inside or over the bathroom cabinet, choosing one that can match the rest of it is a must.

    Liquid Soap Holder

    Since bar soaps are not the most hygienic option, nowadays, we have the chance to choose a liquid one which is way easier and convenient to use. Nowadays, you can choose from several liquid soap holders for bathroom, for example, a wall-mounted model or one that can be placed over the sink. What’s more, you can choose between a single holder or double/triple liquid soap holders for bathroom. The latter types are ideal for storing different types of soaps (designed for different skin types) or even hand cream. The beauty of the wall-mounted models is that they can be placed in the shower, kitchen, laundry or powder room to keep the basin clean and the soap/hand cream access handy. Regarding the material, plastic and glass are the most commonly used ones, and the modern versions usually have a powder coated finish.

    Towel Holder

    Towel holders or towel racks are the most stylish and popular type of towels storage solution. Although door hooks are still IN, towel racks are considered a more fashionable and appealing solution. However, interior designers recommend the use of both racks and hooks for bigger families.

    Bath Mat

    Bath mats are another essential piece of bathroom accessory, especially for those of you who hate stepping on wet bathroom tiles. Indeed, nothing can be more annoying than stepping on a wet bathroom floor. Although available in a range of styles, the soft and fluffy ones are the most commonly used options because of the comfort they provide.

    Tip: Since these types of mats are prone to wear and tear placing a towel over it from time to time can keep them in a good shape for a longer period of time.