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    Benefits of Numeric Keyboard Pad

    By on Last modified: May 18, 2018

    If you’re a bookkeeper, an accountant or an engineer, chances are you have to perform mathematical functions on a daily basis. Performing mathematical functions on a conventional keyboard can be inconvenient, but performing them on a laptop is even more so. Most laptops don’t even feature numeric keyboards nowadays anyway, which means you’ll likely have to constantly switch between the numeric and alphabetic setting on your laptop’s keyboard.

    numeric keyboard

    So how do you go about this problem? Well, in case you haven’t heard – you can buy a keyboard numeric pad. These pads are extremely affordable, convenient and easy to use. And while a keyboard numeric pad isn’t really the newest of inventions, a lot of people haven’t heard of them. However, since the popularity of laptops is over the roof nowadays, more and more people are looking to get one.

    About a decade ago, laptops weren’t nearly as popular as they are today, so most people who used the numeric part of the keyboard were extensively content with what they had. Moreover, laptops are becoming smaller and smaller, and the standard 17 inch models are replaced with 13 inch models. Take the MacBook for example, it’s so small that the numeric keypad is completely removed to make space for the alphabetic part, so many people were forced to shift between numeric and alphabetic, which can be extremely inconvenient.

    With a separate numeric pad, you just plug it into an USB port and you’ve got a fully-functional, ergonomic solution. There are numeric pad models which are tilt-able and adjustable, which adds a ton of comfort and versatility to your work station. Numeric pads are similar to calculators and are extremely useful if you need to type in a lot of numbers in rapid succession throughout your entire work day.

    Moreover, numeric pads are small and portable, and you can get wireless models. This allows you to easily store them and carry them inside a laptop case, making it possible for you to work from anywhere. If working from a cafe, while laying on the beach, from home or anywhere else is your thing, numeric pads can be extremely valuable pieces of equipment. Additionally, you can place them anywhere, so you won’t ever need to work in an uncomfortable position.

    Bottom line is, even though numeric pads aren’t immensely popular yet, they certainly have a lot of benefits if you constantly need to use the numeric section of your keyboard. With more and more people working remotely nowadays, they’ve gained some traction and more and more keyboard manufacturers have started designing ergonomic numeric pads.