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    The Benefits of Stretch Wrap Films in Packaging Applications

    By on Last modified: August 22, 2019

    Stretch wrap is one of the most popular packaging solutions in a wide range of industries. It’s specifically designed to adhere itself without the use of other adhesives, and it features a high coefficient of friction. Pallet stretch wrap can prevent packages from sliding when products are being handled and transported. It’s generally used to secure products on a pallet for easy transportation. It offers superior protection which minimises the damages done during shipping. Further, it can protect products that are stored outdoors from harmful UV rays, keeps products free of moisture, dust and dirt, and it reduces instances of pilferage.

    pallet stretch wrap

    Stretch wrap is one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions out of all alternatives, including corrugated, strapping and heat shrink film. It uses less energy to operate and all of the equipment necessary to use pallet stretch wrap is more affordable than the equipment used for other types of packaging solutions. Stretch wrap can also increase the efficiency of your packaging operations, improve your control over your inventory and increase staff productivity.

    Additionally, stretch wrap film comes in a wide range of standard and special attribute blends in order to satisfy the needs of specific packaging applications, making it one of the most versatile packaging solutions available. For instance, it comes in a wide range of colours, which enables dating inventory and colour coding. Further, it’s extremely quiet when operating as it comes off its roll smoothly. Additionally, as briefly aforementioned, there are speciality stretch films, including banding films, bundling films, VCI and UVI stretch films, heavy-gauge films, vented stretch wraps, anti-static stretch wraps, etc.

    UVI stretch films are the most popular type of speciality stretch wrap films, simply because of the additives that they contain to protect them from photodegradation, which is important for loads which are stored outside. Where other types of films will be weakened by prolonged exposure to fluorescent or sunlight and eventually fail within a span of 3-6 months, UVI stretch films will remain unscathed. However, worth noting is that UVI stretch films don’t protect the package from UV damage, only the film is protected.

    And last but not least, pallet stretch wrap can be applied manually and by utilising machines. With that said, no matter the scale of your packaging operations and the size of your business, you can still make the most out of stretch wraps. You can find a range of stretch wrap films online and order them in bulk to get great prices.