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    Bounce Around Safely: The Importance of Trampoline Spring Covers and How to Choose the Right One

    By on Last modified: August 15, 2023

    Trampolines are a source of fun and excitement for people of all ages. It’s not only a source of joy for the young ones, but also a good exercise for the older ones as well. Jumping on a trampoline helps build muscle and burn fat, and improves agility and balance. This vigorous aerobic workout can increase your heart rate and strengthen the muscles of your cardiovascular system. Not to mention the rush of adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, all the happy hormones that keep us physically and mentally healthy.

    To be able to enjoy all the benefits of bouncing around, it is important to take the necessary precautions and make sure the activity is safe for both kids and adults. One of the crucial safety components is the trampoline spring cover. We will explore why these covers are important, what varieties are available, and how to properly install them.

    The Importance of Trampoline Spring Covers

    Spring cover

    Since trampolines are mostly used by children, safety should be the first priority. The trampoline spring cover, also known as a safety pad, plays a vital role in protecting its users from potential injuries. The springs and frames are usually made of steel or zinc-plated steel, materials known for their strength and resilience. But they are also hard, so stepping on them or hitting your head on them can be quite painful. Another hazard is falling in the gaps between the springs. So, to prevent these scenarios, you can install spring covers.

    The covers are designed to encase the springs that form the trampoline’s bouncing surface and act as a buffer around the edges. Their primary purpose is to provide a padded barrier between the jumper and the hard metal springs, preventing direct contact and reducing the risk of accidents.

    What Can You Use to Cover Trampoline Springs?

    Foam covers on trampoline springs
    • Standard Vinyl Pads: The most common type of trampoline spring cover is made from durable vinyl material. These pads come in various thicknesses and colours, catering to different trampoline models and customer preferences. They are usually UV-resistant which increases their lifespan and performance.
    • High-Density Foam Pads: Some trampoline spring covers feature high-density foam padding, providing superior shock absorption. They offer enhanced safety, especially for high-impact jumps or advanced users. While they might be costlier, the extra protection they provide can be worth the investment.
    • Enclosure Net Combo Covers: These are designed to integrate with the trampoline’s enclosure netting, creating a seamless safety barrier around the entire jumping area. The covers are particularly useful in preventing the jumpers from accidentally landing on the springs or falling off the trampoline.
    • Customized and Decorative Covers: If you want to add a personal touch, these covers allow you to choose colours, patterns, or even add logos while keeping in mind that safety comes first.

    Proper Installation is Key

    Cover pad installation

    Ensuring the effectiveness and maximizing the safety features of the covers largely depends on proper installation. These are a few things to consider when installing a trampoline replacement pad.

    • Measure the trampoline and choose the right size – The pads should fit the trampoline well. Before you buy trampoline pads, measure the diameter of the frame and the length of the springs. If the frame is 12 feet across, then you should look for 12-foot pads. In case your trampoline is not circular, but rectangular for example, then you need the length and width of the frame. The covers should fit precisely and not leave springs exposed.
    • Check for wear and tear – Inspect the spring cover for any signs of wear, tear, or damage before installation and replace any damaged covers promptly.
    • Secure the cover tightly – Make sure the cover is securely fastened to the frame using the provided straps or ties. Some pads come in parts that need to be attached. They might be more manageable since they are not in one piece. Whatever the type of cover, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for securely attaching the cover to the frame.
    • Avoid overstretching – Try not to overstretch the cover while installing it, as this may lead to premature wear and reduced protection.

    How to Maintain Trampoline Spring Covers?

    Regular maintenance will increase the durability of the covers and the springs. As most pads are foam pads encased in PVC vinyl, they shouldn’t be washed with harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents. Other than that, there are no special rules to follow. Vinyl is quite durable and a simple water-dampened rag is enough.

    However, since trampolines are usually placed outdoors, they can be exposed to extreme weather conditions. To protect the trampoline, use a weather-resistant cover or a tarp, and store it inside when not in use. You should also perform routine inspections of the spring cover, looking for signs of fading, damage, or wear and replace worn-out covers. Also, check to ensure that all cords and ties are secured to the frame and mat hooks as they can loosen up after a while. Ensuring that the pads don’t come into contact with sharp objects will prolong the life of your trampoline covers.

    Safe Usage and Supervision

    Whenever young kids are involved in outdoor activities, the best prevention of accidents is to give them safety guidelines and supervise them. Educate them about proper jumping techniques and discourage rough play and too many jumpers simultaneously to minimize the risk of injuries. Adhere to any weight and age restrictions specified by the manufacturer and always make sure that the children are appropriately supervised.

    In Summary

    Trampoline pads are crucial to safely use your trampoline and prevent any mishaps. With a bit of care, they can last a long time. Look for high-quality, waterproof and UV-resistant materials with a thick foam that will give you better cushioning and will be more durable. By prioritizing safety, you and your children will be able to enjoy the trampoline experience and safely bounce around.