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    Breathalyzer: Reasons Why You Need One and Proper Use

    By on Last modified: June 5, 2019

    Breathalyzers are easy-to-use portable devices that measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) by indirectly measuring the alcohol content found in your breath. What follows are a few reasons why you need to have one and how to properly use it.

    reusable breathalyzer

    Do you Really Know How Much is Too-Much?

    When you actually think about it, most people believe that they can drink a few bears and still be able to drive after that relying on certain “techniques”. For instance, if you drink one beer per hour, and then wait an hour before you get into your car and drive, you will be alright and not really under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who are too quick to think they are sober enough to drive, and sadly, quite often they are mistaken. In this scenario, you can either get a ticket or, on a more serious note – endanger your and the lives of others. Even though you may think you feel well enough to drive, still, checking before you get into your car is much smarter than risking it. So, having a reusable breathalyzer is an investment worth making, so much that it can literally save your life. Each person is different, and by using a breathalyzer you can check your alcohol level at any time and be completely sure that you aren’t taking any chances. After all, numbers don’t lie.

    How to Properly Use the Breathalyzer

    First of all, you should wait at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking before taking the test. The remaining alcohol in the mouth and excess saliva may interfere with the test results. And, if you can, avoid doing the test in enclosed spaces as poor ventilation may have an impact on the results.

    Before you begin, attach the mouthpiece to the personal breathalyzer and then press and release the power button. Wait for the device to warm up and reach optimal test condition, and begin only after the display shows “blow” or “blo”. After that, blow into the mouthpiece for around 4 seconds. Once you start you will hear a beep, and you mustn’t stop until the beep sound stops. Wait a few seconds for the device to measure your breath sample, and the test result will be shown on the display and stay there for around 15 seconds. If you want to perform another test, you need to wait for the backlight to turn off, and then tap the power button to restart the device. When not in use, the reusable breathalyzer will automatically shut off within two minutes.

    Lastly, if the display shows “flow” or “flo” it means that your breath sample wasn’t strong enough, or long enough to properly measure. You have to provide strong and steady breath samples if you want the device to show accurate results.