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    Bundle of Joy: 7 Essential Pieces of Baby Clothing for Comfort and Style

    By on Last modified: January 10, 2024

    If you’re expecting your first newborn, congratulations! This is going to be an exciting, transformative and of course, as anything else that matters in life, significantly changing. Knowing this, you probably have already spent days searching online for what you need as a new parent-to-be. From car safety to strollers and dummies to bouncers, the list is endless… which is why you’ll want to have everything ready to keep them warm and comfy when it comes to clothing.

    Baby Bottoms

    baby pants
    Source: Pexels

    As a new parent, eventually, you’ll want to go back out into the world to explore with your new baby (and to show them off). Nothing feels more exciting than dressing up your baby for the first time, even if it’s just a simple trip to the grocery store. But when it comes to clothing, you’ll want to make sure your little one is comfortable from head to toe – including their bottom!

    While babies may not have much control over their movements, they do tend to move their legs around a lot, which is why it’s so crucial for them to have skin-friendly and easy-to-wear baby pants. In this way, when they’re squirming and stretching, you won’t have to worry about them feeling irritated or uncomfortable.

    For the most part, baby pants are made from soft and breathable materials like cotton, which ultimately helps to reduce friction and prevent skin irritation. They also come in a range of sizes, colours, and designs, allowing you to choose the right fit for your baby’s needs. Some options include subtle, monochromatic tones, while others are more playful with fun patterns and prints. As a new parent, you may find yourself gravitating towards the latter.

    Moreover, the stretch waistband on newborn pants makes it easy to put them on and take them off, perfect for diaper changes. Some pants may even come with adjustable snaps or ties at the waist, making it easier to adjust as your baby grows. If you need even more convenience, some pants may come with built-in footies to keep your baby’s feet warm and cosy.

    Most of them are machine washable too, which can be a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with inevitable baby messes. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have multiple pairs of pants on hand so that you can quickly change your little one if needed.


    One must-have item is a sleepsuit, often known as a onesie or romper. Despite how demanding raising a child is, babies spend 80% of their time sleeping in the first few months, so they’ll essentially live in sleepwear at the beginning. As with bodysuits and infant pants, there are numerous types ideal for however you want your baby to be covered (tip: most newborns prefer to be dressed on their back to gaze at you). Sleepsuits can also have poppers or zippers on the front, which are meant for quick and easy changes in the middle of the night.


    A bodysuit is a multipurpose must-have in the baby world that may be worn with anything day or night. Bodysuits are frequently used as an extra layer under clothing, as children feel the chill more than we do, or as a must-have sleepwear item. There are many styles available with various necklines depending on how your child feels about having their clothes pulled over their heads, as well as long or short sleeves for any temperature.

    Bath Robe with a Hoodie

    Bathtime can be intimidating at first, but it will quickly become a family favourite pastime. A great opportunity to get them clean and calm before bed, with some extra snuggles thrown in for good measure. A bathrobe is better than a regular towel because it fits the body better and is more comfortable to wear. Little ones can feel cold fast, so it’s also crucial to have a large towel that’s extremely absorbent while also being soft and fluffy. A hood will assist in keeping the warmth in while also looking adorable.

    Head Coverings

    baby pants
    Source: Pexels

    Depending on the weather where you live, a baby beanie will be appropriate in autumn and winter – or even year-round. Babies and young children can lose up to one-third of their body heat through their heads, making them more susceptible to cold temperatures.
    To prevent this, it is recommended to keep their head covered with a hat in cooler weather. However, it is important to note that hats are not the only necessary accessory for babies in cold weather.  Remember to protect them from the sun during warm months with a head covering made specifically for warm conditions. Bonus points to head covering for looking extra cute and fashionable!


    Last but not least, the muslin, which is frequently seen as the ultimate necessity. Unfortunately, you’ll spend a lot of those first months covered in bodily fluids that don’t belong to you… muslins are ideal for cleaning up any spillages as well as masking any stains on their precious baby shirts and baby pants. They’re also great for swaddling (if you’ve mastered the burrito), breastfeeding discreetly, and even as a lightweight blanket in the weather. 

    Baby Shoes

    At some point during this period, your youngster will take his or her first unaided steps. However, although this blog covers baby essentials, there is no need to rush shopping for baby shoes as each child will develop at his or her own speed. But now that they’ve arrived at this point, it’s time for the next milestone – their first pair of shoes. 
    The extent to which they are required is determined by the weather. If it’s late summer, your youngster may be able to go barefoot or in socks in the garden or local park for a few more weeks. And if it’s raining or the autumn leaves are squelching underfoot, you might wish to protect their little feet from the weather sooner.
    However, even if they are proud shoe owners, they do not have to wear them all the time. At first, they should only wear them when stepping outside for shorter amounts of time. And don’t forget about baby socks that are comfortable and thick enough to protect them from the weather elements but loose enough to not irritate your child.