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    Camping with Kids: The Necessary Gear for a Fun & Comfortable Outdoor Stay

    By on Last modified: June 9, 2020

    Camping is the classic Australian experience. That being said, for many of us, some of our most treasured childhood memories are the ones made when camping with the family. Gathering around the fire, singing songs, telling stories and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows – those were the good times! And now that you’ve started your own family you can relieve those exact experiences but in a completely new light.

    Now that the roles have changed, and you yourself are the parent, it’s your responsibility to make family camping trips safe, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. If you went camping before you had kids, then you already have some of the basic gear needed to make the most of the outdoors. However, kids have entirely different needs and expectations than adults, which means you will also need to get some additional camping gear specifically for them. Here is a quick guide to kids camping gear that can make for a great outdoor experience.

    childrens sleeping bags

    Sleeping Bags

    Out in the wild, temperatures drop significantly at night – even in the middle of summer. That being said, sleeping bags are essential for staying warm and cosy. However, in order for the sleeping bag to meet its purpose, it needs to fit the user’s size precisely. That being said, you need to buy some kid-sized sleeping bags. And to make it all the more fun for your children, pick sleeping bags with fun patterns.

    Child-Size Table and Chairs

    Furniture may not be the most essential part of a camping checklist, but it still goes a long way in making your stay much more comfortable. Especially, if you’re planning to go on a longer camping holiday that lasts more than a week. Having furniture around will definitely make the whole experience similar to home. And child-size furniture will provide a comfortable space for your kids to have meals and engage in fun and educational activities like drawing or reading.

    childrens wooden table and chairs

    Kids will feel more independent if they have a table and chairs that are suitable for their height. This way, they can get in and out of the chairs on their own without waiting for you to lift them or being stuck on the chair when they’re done. Additionally, they will also feel more comfortable as their feet will be flat on the floor. They will also be more likely to sit up straight which helps with posture.

    You can choose between childrens wooden table and chairs and folding plastic furniture. While folding furniture may be easier to bring along, if you’re going to camp with an RV, childrens wooden table and chairs can be a more durable investment. Opposed to folding kids furniture that tends to be flimsy and easy to break, a wooden table and chairs set is sturdier and long-lasting, and as such it can become a cherished heirloom for your kids to pass on to their own offspring. Wooden kids furniture also has a more attractive design, so you can also make the table and chairs a permanent feature of your home’s outdoor space.

    Walkie Talkies

    walkie talkies

    Remember walkie talkies and how they were so much fun to play with? Besides being a new fun toy for your kids, they can also give you peace of mind when camping. Equipping your kids with walkie talkies can allow your family to stay connected in case some of you accidentally gets lost. Pick models with signals powerful enough to communicate over wide ranges if you somehow split up. Even if your kids have their own phones, they may not be as reliable considering how phone-tower signal may not cover some remote camping areas.

    A Medicine Kit

    medicine kit

    When outdoors, kids love to run around in the sun and climb trees, so going camping with them requires that you come fully prepared with a medicine kit. First of all, you are definitely going to need some sunscreen so that their fragile little skin doesn’t get burned in the sun. Make sure to pick one that’s rated SPF 30+. And just to be safe, also bring along some aloe vera gel in case someone gets too much sun. If your kid is prone to allergies or has sensitive skin, make sure to bring some allergy medication and rash ointment that can provide relief. Because there will be mosquitoes and other bugs around, also make sure to have a natural and safe bug spray to protect your little ones. An antiseptic solution, some gauze pads and bandaids can help take care of cuts and scrapes. And bring along tweezers for splinter removal.

    Educational Tools

    Educational Tools

    Spending time outdoors with your kids is a great way to teach them a thing or to about nature and being self-sufficient. Go hiking together and teach them about orientation and how to read a map with the help of a compass. Take some binoculars and spend some time bird watching, you will be surprised by what you can find hiding in the tall and thick tree crowns. This is a great opportunity for kids to observe wildlife firsthand in its natural habitat. Away from the city and its light pollution, the stars shine incredibly bright. So, it’s a great idea to get a portable telescope for your kids to observe the night sky and talk about different constellations. Who knows, maybe this will motivate your children to become researchers when they grow up.