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    Car Storage: Keep Your Car in Good Order While You’re Away

    By on Last modified: June 28, 2016

    When you are planning a trip or a move it is always important to make sure that you keep everything in check. There is nothing worse than coming back from a long vacation or getting back to your car only to realize it’s not working. Many people who move may have to leave their cars behind for a while if they are moving long distance simply because they don’t have the time to drive it there. Some people may need to store their cars while they go away on a holiday to keep it safe. If you want to know how to find a service like this then keep reading.

    Finding a car storage provider is relatively easy. Many companies that provide car storage also provide other services like storage of other vehicles, storage of your belongings, some are even removalist services that you can book to move your items as well as store your car. It is relatively easy to find one – all you need to do is search online for one near you. Choosing a good company really comes down to finding a company with great reviews and great feedback from real people who have hired their services before. These reviews are also available online, so you can also search for those once you find a company you like.

    Car Storage

    Another important part of putting your car in storage is making sure you prepare it properly. Preparing your car before it goes into storage will ensure it will still run perfectly when you decide to take it out again. Below we have gone over a few steps you can take to make sure that your car is in good order while you’re away and when you come back.

    1. Keep It Covered – Even though your car will be inside, you should still put a cover over it to protect it from collecting too much dust while you’re gone. This will make sure that your car isn’t too dirty when you get back so you don’t have to clean it too much first.

    2. Clean It – Before you put the car in storage make sure you give it a thorough cleaning. This means the outside and the inside as well. Left over water or bird droppings can damage your paint over time so make sure you clean everything off. The inside as well so it smells nice and clean when you get in it.

    3. Change Your Oil – You might not need to do this if you are only storing your car for a week but even so it is a good thing to do. Leaving old oil can damage your car’s engine so it’s good to change it at least once a month.

    4. Fill Up the Tank – Filling up the gas tank before you go away prevents from any moisture building up and keeps any seals from drying out. Not only this, but you will have a full tank of gas when you get back ready to go so you don’t need to go fill it up.

    5. Charge Your Batteries – Unattended batteries will eventually lose their charge so it’s a good idea to get someone to drive it around every two weeks. If this isn’t an option you can disconnect the negative battery cable or you can invest in a trickle charger if there is an electrical outlet near the car.

    6. Take Off the Parking Brake – Most people leave their parking brake on when they are parked only for a little while. If you plan on being away, then take the brake off as leaving it on can cause the pads and the rotors to fuse. To prevent the car from moving you should invest in a couple tire stoppers to keep the car in its place.

    7. Keep Bugs Out – Any warm dry place will attract rodents and other bugs and there are plenty of places in a car that they could hide. Try to cover any gaps that they might enter from and if you want to take it a step further lay down some poison and traps.

    8. Keep Up with Insurance – While cancelling your insurance for a short while may save you money chances are that your rates will rise when you want to get it back. This means that you will actually pay more in the long run, so just don’t cancel anything.