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    Choosing a Reliable Local Moving Company

    By on Last modified: February 8, 2016

    Finding the right local moving company can sometimes be too much of a drag. If you are lucky enough to find someone that could share with you their moving ups and downs, you’ll instantly be on a better path, rather than having to figure it all out by yourself from the start. This article is in fact my experience that I have decided to share in order to help those who are less fortunate than me.

    Having moved five times already, changed cities twice, I think I found a place I can call my forever home at last. It is Adelaide. Now, back to the matter at hand, finding the right moving company is a process. Since I only rely on local moving companies on which I have done a thorough research myself, I always save a lot of money on this otherwise expensive procedure. Below I hand you a few of the most important tips you’ll need in order to succeed in moving as safely and efficiently as possible.


    Get Recommendations

    Since my brother lives in the same region, he did his brotherly duty and recommended a company or two. It is always easier when you have someone who has dealt with those companies before – prior knowledge is a very cool time saving tool. Go out there and ask your colleagues, friends and local real estate agents. Search the phone book or the internet about companies that have an office near your place. It is always better to meet them in person and estimate together how much your move will cost.

    Screening process

    When you have already composed your list of movers, go online and do a background check, read as many reviews as you can, see their online service ratings or check if they are members of a certain prominent association such as Australia International movers associations AIMA. Every company has its pros and cons, but if its reviews are mostly good, then you have found the right guys to do the heavy lifting for you!

    Estimate everything before moving

    When professionals come to estimate your move do not hesitate to show them everything. From the backyard to the garage and shed, there will always be stuff that needs to be moved. Sometimes estimators overprice some aspects of moving and that’s why you should always bargain for the right price. Estimations are based on the weight of the items and the distance of the move. Even if it is a local move, the heavy items come with additional expenses for the extra gas the truck is going to spend. Make sure they know about the condition of your home and inform them about any aspect that might complicate the move such as stairs, elevators or those vintages glass cups that your grandmother left you.

    Compare the Bids

    When it comes to price, there is one thing that immediately pops in my mind – beware of companies that offer ridiculously cheaper service than the others. It is better to find a more reliable company and try to negotiate terms, or simply find ways to avoid some extra expenses, then seeing your stuff dragged around like they don’t matter. That way, you’ll pay the price anyway – broken items won’t repair themselves and I doubt that any company will be eager to pay the bill.

    Finally, once the big moving day dawns, just go through the basic things I have mentioned before. Provide the movers with specific directions and remind them to be extra careful with the breakable staff. Good luck!