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    Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

    By on Last modified: February 6, 2016

    A bathroom vanity cabinet is a staple for every woman. It is something that we all need in our dream homes. A good bathroom vanity is something that will hold all the products and appliances we need and it becomes a place that we use almost every single day. Picking the perfect one can become a daunting task, especially when there are so many choices these days when it comes to size, shape, and finish. Below we’ll go over the most important steps for choosing the right bathroom vanity for you.

    Bathroom Vanity


    The first thing you need to do is figure out the right size you will need. Since you are planning to add such beauty to your bathroom space, you already know how far you can go size-wise. It should go without saying that the vanity shouldn’t take up most of the bathroom space so that you cannot turn or put some additional essentials there. If you bathroom is small, I would recommend sticking to vanity that has less ornaments – small and simple. Measure it a couple time to make sure you get the measurements right.


    You then need to figure out what you want your vanity to have. Do you want your vanity to be a set with a sink included? How many sinks do you want? Will you purchase the sink and vanity separately? These are all questions you need to have figured out before you go shopping.


    You need to also consider where the plumbing will go. If you already have a sink but you want to have two you will need to hire someone to add and move the current plumbing around. This can get a little bit expensive so make sure to include that into your budget.


    Another thing you should plan out is how much storage space you need. Do you want drawers or cabinets? Do you want a combination of both? You need to figure out what kind of vanity would work best for you and all your needs. Will you need extra storage in the future? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.


    You should figure out what kind of colour scheme you want your vanity to be before you buy it. When you see something in a store it may not necessarily look the best in your bathroom. You should also consider what kind of material it should be made of. Vanities come in all sorts of materials – wooden, metal, plastic, porcelain, and so much more.


    If you want anything added, such as floating shelves or maybe a mirror, you should plan all your extras ahead of time since not all of them necessarily look good. This way, when you find the perfect vanity you can coordinate the extras you want to go with it.


    It is easy to get carried away when shopping without a budget. The prices can vary a lot when it comes to buying a bathroom vanity. It is an investment piece that you want to last you for a long time, so you shouldn’t try cutting corners when it comes to the price. If you do not have the money for the vanity you really want, then maybe you should wait and save up some more for a quality piece.

    Buying a bathroom vanity can get a little confusing and you can easily get carried away in the rush of home renovations. If you stick to these guidelines you should easily be able to find something that is just right for your needs and your bathroom. You can find a great selection of bathroom vanities online that are sure to meet your every need.