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    Clothing Pieces You’ll Need for Your Newborn Baby Girl

    By on Last modified: September 18, 2020

    As a new mum, you might find yourself tempted to dress your baby girl like a doll, but it’s smarter to choose practical clothes for the first few months…

    With today’s wide range of choices, baby girl essential clothing can be both stylish and practical. When shopping for your newborn baby girl, or starting the baby registry, make sure to include the following essentials.



    In the baby clothing world, overalls for baby girls are a must-have. They keep nappies in place and prevent other clothing from rubbing against your baby’s delicate skin. Baby girl rompers are the most practical piece of clothing! They are extremely versatile: sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeves and can be combined with skirts, shorts or jeans. It is nice to have a collection of solids since newborns get dirty oh-so-easily. You can practically never have enough rompers to mix and match with other clothes. Also, the combo of 95% cotton and 5 % spandex is a perfect choice of material for everyday use.


    If your baby girl is a summer baby, choose a 100 % lightweight cotton romper that features short cap sleeves, which can be worn alone as an outfit. Winter babies look cool in a stylish knitted romper. If you want your baby girl to collect even more wows, opt for a knitted romper with a waist tie and pearl buttons down the front. Besides being stylish, overalls for baby girls are very easy to put on. Most models come with three press clips or buttons, which makes taking them off and on very easy.


    A playsuit is an ideal piece of clothing for family photos. Just imagine your sweet princess into a pretty lemon bodice with contrasting white trim details and a collar smiling at the camera… Adorable, right? Soft and stretchy, playsuits with long sleeves are perfect to combine with leggings or jeans. Nappy changes will also be a piece of cake thanks to three press snaps in the crotch.

    Beanie Hat

    Since newborns get cold easily, a hat is a great idea to regulate their body temperature. Having a beanie hat with you is very important, even in summer. Since this is a very light and small piece of clothing, you can always have one stored in your nappy bag that you can pull out and place on your baby girl’s head in the car, chile restaurant or a store. There are a lot of different styles and models, some of them even have a tip that you tie into a knot, letting you easily adjust the size as baby grows.


    Baby Socks

    Apart from being extremely cute, baby girl socks are also tiny climate controllers, in a way. Stock up on plenty of socks to keep those little feet warm regardless of the temperature outside. What’s more, colourful socks can create an outfit out of everything, even if your baby girl is wearing a plain baby girl summer romper.

    However, babies are notorious for kicking their socks off, so prepare to lose a solid amount of them. It’s smart to have several packs of the same colour or pattern, so it won’t be such a big deal if one goes missing. Another advice is to look for options with sturdy elastic tops.


    Sleepers or pyjamas are a warm and cozy way to dress your baby girl for sleeping or playtime. Two-piece pyjamas may not be necessary until your baby becomes a toddler. Stock up on a few onesies though, since you’ll likely be going through at least one a night. One-piece pyjamas are great for infants since they tend to move a lot while sleeping and these can keep everything in place.

    Long zippers are a gift from heaven when you need to change your little one.Also, since it’s important to protect your baby’s sensitive skin, choose sleepers from organic cotton. Footies with elastic material at the ankles are also a good idea. With a footed pyjama, you won’t have to worry much about your precious peanut getting cold feet.



    Cover up your little girl’s hands with cozy mittens. Baby mittens are designed to keep your baby’s hands warm, but more importantly, they’ll keep your baby’s skin safe. Babies tend to scratch their gentle faces and their fingernails can be long, sharp and sometimes impossible to groom.

    Make sure to put mittens on your baby girl’s little hands, not only during wintertime but also in summer. You can find them in different colours to match every outfit. Similar to socks, mittens also tend to disappear. A smart idea is to find a model that features a cord that keeps pairs together. You can also find onesies and gowns with built-in mittens.

    All these clothing pieces are essentials that your baby girl will wear at least until she’s five or six months of age. After this period, you can start experimenting with skirts and dresses and other fluffy and adorable items.