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    Comfortable and Stylish Dining Room: The Right Time to Make a Minimalist Upgrade

    By on Last modified: February 21, 2018

    Don’t be surprised that still, after all these years, minimalism reigns when it comes to design trends. No, I’m not talking about the stale, and monotonous kind of minimalism one easily gets tired of, but the one that’s the embodiment of comfort that we see from Scandinavia.
    The reason people are still mesmerised by it also has to do with affordability, great choice of materials, and making the interior seem airy, warm, and more welcoming while keeping it simple. This doesn’t only refer to the living room, but other rooms too, including the dining room.

    Starting from the choice of focal point, the chairs for dining table, and the table itself, it’s all about the affordability, quality, durability, the premium materials they are made of, the clean, simple lines they come in, and of course, how much comfort they add to the room.


    And speaking of affordability, you can find replica chairs that look like the sought-after originals, even in quality! What’s specific about decorating in the minimalist style is there’s no need for more furniture pieces apart from the chairs for dining table, and table.

    Just add some shelves where you can display your beautiful china, and some candles (if you want to create a romantic ambiance!), and you’re done. Even if you store dishes in the dining room, you could do better with using more of the vertical space with shelves. There’s no need for the addition of case pieces that found their place in traditional dining room sets, like the bulky sideboards. Remember, less is always more!

    Moving on to colours, it’s important to use from the palette of soft neutrals to make the room seem bright – this would especially come in handy if there aren’t many windows to welcome natural brightness. You can also use lights to your advantage, having in mind lighting fixtures are decorative pieces themselves.

    You can always spice things up by bringing some contrast to all the neutrals, in the form of paintings. They are ideal because they don’t take up space, and instantly make the room more vibrant, and warm, so even if you lack sun warmth, you can still have a sunrise or sunset hanging on your wall – it’s about fooling the eyes.

    In case you think the room could do with some texture, and patterns, that’s what the curtains, rugs, cushions, table cloths, and napkins are for, so you have plenty of options. And last but not least, don’t forget to get rid of anything that you no longer need; you can fully enjoy the minimal dining room as long as you declutter.