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    Complete the Uniforms of Your Staff with Elegant Ties

    By on Last modified: August 27, 2019
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    Uniforms have been used in many industries for quite some time now. As time passes by, a lot of things change, and the work uniforms are not an exception to this. Functionality is still paramount, no doubt there, but the design has evolved – and for the better, that is.

    There is a great number of service industries that use unforms in order to reflect their staff members’ sense of pride, unity and polished look. One way to achieve all that is by adding a tie into the whole picture thus creating a polished finish touch suitable for every contemporary and sophisticated work outfit. Even though it may seem challenging to select the most suitable tie, there are a few helpful points that can make the decision much easier.

    The Different Types of Ties Explained

    One of the benefits that many appreciate when it comes to including a tie in their workers’ uniforms, is the many styles that are available on the market. There are a lot of types that can work great with the rest of various types of uniforms. Just remember, it is always a smart idea to buy ties that properly reflect the atmosphere in your workplace and the vibe of your brand, services and products. You can go for trendier or more standard options. The choice is yours.

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    The Four-in-Hand Knot Tie – This is the type of tie that most men are already familiar with. This is considered the “standard” in the world of ties. It is appropriate for both work and pleasure. It is usually paired with a more professional attire that most executives and directors wear.

    The Skinny Tie – Skinny ties are a bit more casual than the previously mentioned model, but they are still appropriate to wear in the office with men’s dress shirts. What makes them a more casual version is the convenient fact that these look great with jeans too. So, if your company’s dress code centers around the quite popular business casual style – these are the right way to go.

    The Bowtie – Depending on the design of the bowtie, these can be both formal and fun at the same time. A dressy tux jacket, for example, and a suit can look great when finished with a bowtie. If you own a restaurant, for instance, you can opt for bowties when your employees host more formal events and parties.