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    Let There be Light: Creating Your Own Photography Studio is a Delight

    By on Last modified: January 10, 2017

    So you’ve been into professional photography and filming for quite a while now, you got your precious camera and your Instagram profile with many followers and you love the fact that it’s your talent that’s someone else’s endless source of inspiration. Well, haven’t you heard that it’s the era of the now and as the wise philosopher Alan Watts says, if you are lucky enough to get paid for playing all day long – you’ve nailed life. My point is, if you are getting a great response from the vast and ever expanding digital world, but still haven’t created our own studio, what are you waiting for?


    One of the greatest benefits of having your own studio as a professional photographer are the people. Yes, the very people you’ll get to meet everyday, many of which devoted artists like yourself and you’ll be glad to welcome many new acquaintances and form valuable friendships. Also, in your own creative nook, you won’t have to bow to the weather conditions, you’ll be able to create your own atmosphere and that requires a sharp eye for managing the lighting for photography purposes of unique nature. Speaking of which, apart from finding the perfect place, you also need to get all the right equipment for the job. The essential lighting for photography equipment includes both large and small light sources (the larger the source, the softer the light), reflective umbrellas, a printer and of course, some stands.

    Once you’ve have covered all of the aforementioned essentials, you need to make sure you got all the needed tricks up your sleeve, although, as any pro will tell you, the most important lessons are those you’ll acquire through your own share of trials and errors. Unless of course you are one of those people that don’t take criticism lightly and firmly believe that every breath you take is a piece of art, let alone your photographs. I am just joking, of course you are not like that and that is precisely why you’re going to take care of every detail, from the camera lens with which it all starts to the printer where it all ends. Investing in your dreams means investing in the unique luxury of having your talent pay the bills. It takes a lot of to do lists in the beginning, but it all pays off in the end when instead of tired, you feel fulfilled.