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    Creating Your Very Own Hamptons Bedroom

    By on Last modified: September 29, 2020
    hamptons bedroom

    Not everything you see on Instagram and Pinterest bedroom decor pages is impossible to achieve. And you certainly don’t need to own a beach house to create a Hampton style bedroom. Here’s what you can do to achieve that much sought-after airy and fresh interior.

    Change/Remodel the Furniture

    hamptons bedroom furniture

    The Bed

    Cool, effortless, elegant yet casual are the words that can best describe a Hampton inspired bedroom. And it goes without saying that the bed is one of the main things you’ll need to alter. However, instead of replacing it, you can just upholster it. This style is all about soft things mixed with wood, so upholstering the bead instead of buying a new one would be a great way to save money while achieving the wanted look. Cream, ivory and light grey are the mainly used colours for such beds. However, a simple wooden bed can also fit perfectly fine in case you don’t feel like upholstering. Just make sure you stick to neutral shades.

    The Bedside Tables

    Except for being a necessity, Hampton bedside tables can certainly contribute to creating the Hampton bedroom style. Crisp white timber, solid black mahogany or a white and brown combo – Hampton bedside tables are the perfect furniture pieces that can bring that coastal vibe in your bedroom.

    Due to their unique design, Hamptons style bedside tables usually have high legs with only one drawer and a low shelf for extra storage for books, magazines or some other stuff. However, you can also invest in a box-like bedside table that can have 2 or more drawers for added convenience.

    Since the use of rattan is quite common in this style, you can also add it in the bedroom by choosing rattan bedside tables. Finally, make sure you choose the right bedside table size. The height and width should correspond to the bed’s height and the free space available. Otherwise, you’ll risk investing in pieces that won’t fit in their designated space.

    The Bed Ottoman

    Another furniture piece Hampton style bedroom have is the bed ottoman. Usually, this furniture piece is placed at the foot of the bed which is both convenient and stylish. Convenient because you can sit on it when needed or place the bed quilt, and elegant because it adds a sense of luxury thanks to its sophisticated look. Ottomans that offer a storage space can be quite helpful for smaller bedrooms.

    Change the Bedding

    hamptons style bedding

    No bed is complete without the perfect bedding. If you are a fan of layering, then you will certainly love the fact that this is very much implemented in the Hampton style as well. Opt for crisp white bedding and throw some white, light blue, grey and cream cushions on it. But this whole image wouldn’t be complete without adding a throw blanket.

    Change/Add a Rug

    hamptons style rug

    When it comes to choosing the right rug, Hampton style rugs are all about natural fibres with woven patterns in neutral shades.

    Additional tip: You can also add seagrass and jute accessories to take the freshness of the room up a notch.

    Change the Lighting

    hamptons style lighting

    Harsh overhead fixtures are not an option for this style. These fixtures will only make the room feel drab. Instead, interior designers recommend sticking to adding a soft glow through a discrete chandelier. Just like with bedding, layered lighting is also an option. So, don’t be afraid to add some sconces or table lamps on the bedside table. By casting their soft glow, they will help you create a warmer and cosier atmosphere.

    Change the Curtains

    hamptons curtains

    Instead of choosing curtains, choose drapes and let plenty of natural light enter your bedroom during the day. When it comes to choosing the right drapes, linen is the most commonly used fabric for this purpose. Although simple at first sight, when paired with the rest of the furnishing and decor, this natural, soft and breathable material in a light neutral colour will give your bedroom a luxurious look.

    Additional tip: Make sure the colour of the drapes matches your cushions or throw pillows.