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    Creative Gift Ideas For Mums to Be

    By on Last modified: July 6, 2021

    If you have ever been expecting a baby, you know the excitement of a new member joining the family. As a matter of fact, it’s not just the mummy or dad, the whole family and closest gets excited. Future grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, are all eager to welcome the new little sweety in the family.

    One of the most traditional ways to celebrate the approaching birth is by throwing a baby shower party. It’s basically a party where friends and family are invited to come and share the joy together with the expecting parents, and at the same time shower them with gifts, love, and good wishes before welcoming the new baby into the family.

    Babies need tons of stuff, so baby showers are the perfect occasion to help the parents get everything they need. Keep reading this article to discover some really lovely baby shower gifts for mum and baby alike.

    Mum-to-Be Skincare Gift Box


    Pregnancy can be challenging, so every mum-to-be needs a little bit of extra love and spoiling during this time. There are so many changes undergoing in the woman’s body during this period, both hormonal and physical. We all know this can come hard for some mums as they strive hard to look good during this period of their life.

    But this period doesn’t have to mean that women should stop taking care of themselves and their physique. For this reason, you want to surprise the special mummy in your life with a unique box filled with carefully picked skincare products. These products are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and will enhance the natural glow that every expecting mum is known to have.

    You can help mums celebrate this special stage in their life by picking up a wonderfully curated gift box that will surely make them feel special and appreciated.

    Newborn Baby Clothes Gift Set

    A collection of baby clothes made from pure organic cotton will be the perfect starter wardrobe for new mums. Imagine the joy on the parent face when they will unwrap this beautifully made hamper for their newborn.

    You can never go wrong with such a gift set, as clothes are essential for any newborns, and babies require constant changing of clothes and diapers. Just be sure to pick a neutral colour if you are still not told the gender of the baby. Remember, some parents want to keep this a secret not just for their close family members and friends but also for themselves.

    Natural Skin Care Products for Your Baby


    Becoming a mum to a newborn means tending to all the specific needs your little one will require from you. One of them is taking special care of your baby’s skin, as their skin is very delicate, much thinner than on adults, and requires special attention.

    Therefore, a baby shower gift box for new mums containing natural skincare products for the baby is one of the best ways to protect the little one’s sensitive skin. It is of utmost importance to choose products that are natural and don’t contain any synthetic ingredients and substances that may cause rash, skin irritation, and other related issues to the baby’s skin.

    Bamboo Towels Gift Set

    If you want your gift to stand out from the rest of the baby shower gifts for mum, then think practical. You need to assume the parent’s role and choose products that are the best for your baby a reason to get bamboo towels as a thoughtful gift.

    Bathing is an integral part of every mum’s daily routine. Every baby needs daily bathing so with this gift set you can be sure that you will help it to be an enjoyable experience for both, the baby and mum. Find a beautiful set of bamboo towels that are thoroughly made from natural fabric and organic dyes and are also very absorbent which makes them an ideal gift for delicate and gentle baby skin.

    Organic Soft Knitted Baby Comforter

    knitted comforter

    Every child had a plush toy that they carried around with them wherever they go. So, buying a comforter for a newborn baby will be a great choice for the baby shower party you were invited to. Soon enough this toy will become their favourite buddy, as babies and little kids easily form attachments with objects and toys at this age. It can signals to them when it’s time for bedtime and make them feel safe and secure.

    Essential Oil Air Diffuser

    Can essential oils really help your baby fall asleep? According to people who use them, essential oils can do wonders for your overall health, and are often used to ease stress, boost your mood, relieve bad headaches and migraines and help you fall asleep.

    But what about baby sleep? The answer is probably yes.

    A good essential oil air diffuser will help your child to fall asleep quicker. This product can also be an ideal gift for every mum-to-be. Be sure that every mum will love it, as it will not only help their babies to fall asleep faster but is also widely used by adults as well.

    This product can also come with a red light setting, which is scientifically proven to support sleep as it provokes the body to naturally produce melatonin, its natural night hormone. The red light can also be set at various brightness intensities.

    You can also find one that comes with built-in sound and music tracks each promoting sleep aid benefits.It’s a truly unique gift for new mums offering all these amazing features in one compact unit.