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    Customised Events: Choose Printed Marquee, Gazebo or Tent Over Venues

    By on Last modified: May 16, 2019

    Organising an event can be a fun project as it’s versatile, revolving around many aspects and decisions like the theme, the location, the decoration, but it poses a great challenge at the same time in working out all of the ideas together.


    If you want to have a hassle-free experience, however, spending more time enjoying than stressing out with the organisation, resort to a solution like printed marquee, gazebo or tent; yes, there’s plenty to choose from, you don’t have to be restricted to a venue.

    The fact you can print on them, be it your logo or anything else related to the event, means you have a branding opportunity and the freedom to customise them, printing on both the roof and the walls and getting something unique by choosing the colour and design yourself.

    They might not be your first option but nowadays they are made of top-notch materials, with properties like UV resistance and waterproof created for rain and sun, so the weather elements can’t ruin your event. Best of all is they aren’t even going to break your bank, they’re more affordable than it seems!

    Likewise, a reason to choose these options is having more freedom with the location, considering you can place them anywhere you decide and pack them up easily afterwards, and of course, perhaps an even bigger reason is not being limited to the space available for guests as you choose the type of tent, marquee or gazebo that’s perfect for your event and the number of people you need it for.

    With a venue you might not always get the whole place to yourself, so there’s the lack of privacy to think of which isn’t the case with the shelters alternative, and also you might not be able to party as much as you want because of the closing hours as opposed to defining your own party hours when you have a printed marquee, tent or gazebo.

    The freedom is also affecting the aspect of budget and decoration too, considering you can make of the party what you please and spend as much money as you want to so money shouldn’t be an issue, the call’s on you.

    What this means is you won’t have to compromise on anything to get the party you’ve imagined. If you want to make the place more comfortable, apart from the furnishings, you could rely on the help of certain accessories too to further customise it, adding more ambiance to it.